New Holland Construction Launches New Telescopic Reach Small Articulated Loaders


Buckle up. The small articulated loader (SAL) offering from New Holland Construction is reaching new heights. 

Two new telescopic reach models are joining the New Holland Construction SAL lineup — the ML35T and ML50T — and will be commercially available beginning June 2024. These models have been designed to give operators additional reach and hinge pin height when loading or moving materials is required.

“The new ML35T and ML50T SALs enable owners and operators to accomplish more while delivering reliability and performance when it matters most on the jobsite,” states Dan Kakareka, product manager for New Holland Construction North America. “With impressive telescopic reach, industry-leading hinge pin height and a range of top-notch features, these SAL models are the real deal for simplifying complex tasks and achieving project milestones faster.”

At a Glance: The New ML35T and ML50T SALs


Lightweight yet powerful, these telescopic reach SALs offer enhanced efficiency and maneuverability, making them an indispensable tool for construction jobs of all sizes. With their compact design, low ground clearance and balanced weight distribution, the machines allow operators to navigate tight spaces and minimize ground disturbances. 

With the introduction of the ML35T and ML50T, additional operational advantages are found with these machines, including: 

  • Breaking ground in telescopic boom technology: The telescopic boom design of the ML35T and ML50T models redefine reach capabilities for SAL models. The flexible nature of these booms allows operators to retract and extend as needed to better handle jobs with various height needs. With increased elongation of the boom, these models excel in space-limited sites, delivering maximum horizontal and vertical outreach. Operators also benefit from the telescopic boom’s ability to effortlessly maneuver and handle materials at elevated heights, such as loading concrete debris over dump truck box sides. 
  • New heights in hinge pin performance: Both models feature an industry-leading hinge pin height of around170 in. With the ML35T and ML50T models, operators can confidently tackle any task, knowing they have the reach and height required to excel in their work. 

The Right Solution for Every Project 


When choosing an SAL, customers and operators must consider performance, durability, serviceability and attachment compatibility. The ML35T and ML50T deliver on all those fronts.

Equipped with a robust Stage V certified engine, diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF), the ML35T and ML50T SALs deliver maximum performance and fuel efficiency with 65 horsepower and 74 horsepower, respectively. Durability is at the core of the SAL machine design. With steel plates and reinforced booms, every component is crafted for durability to minimize wear and potential cracking of plastic counterparts as seen on competitor machines. Serviceability of these machines is a simple process with clearly labeled service points at ground level and easy access to engine compartments and grease surfaces.

With an ISO standard attachment coupler, these SALs connect seamlessly with an array of attachments, from sweepers to snowblowers, for use across diverse applications. Customers and operators will find these new pieces of equipment well-suited for tasks like loading trucks, handling feed or materials, stacking pallets and many others. 

Design Priorities: Jobsite Safety and Operator Comfort


A safe and comfortable working environment for operators is critical to every piece of equipment designed and launched by New Holland Construction. The ML35T and ML50T SAL models are no exception and have been engineered with advanced safety features, including ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) certification. These certifications ensure operators are protected in the event of an accident, providing peace of mind, no matter the task. Strategically placed exterior safety features are also included, like backup alarms, rotating beacons, road light kits, and LED lights to enhance visibility on the jobsite. 

For operator comfort, the rear articulation position on these SALs places the operator toward the front section of the machine, allowing for a more ergonomic and easier accessible cabin. This configuration enables operators to maneuver closer to walls in tight spaces without the risk of collision. The rear articulation design also contributes to greater cab stability with the inclusion of a zero-cab swing, a feature unique to SALs in the New Holland Construction portfolio. The ML50T offers a front oscillation joint that allows the front axle to move up and down independently from the rear axle.  This enhances stability by keeping all four wheels in contact with the ground even on uneven terrain, reducing risk of tipping over. With a climate-controlled environment and adjustable seating in the ML35T and ML50 SALs, operator comfort is optimized and fatigue minimized, regardless of external conditions. 

“Our customers and their operators spend a considerable amount of time in these machines. With the new ML35T and ML50T SALs, we’re going above and beyond to elevate the machine experience, so operators can tackle jobs safely and comfortably,” Kakareka says.

The new ML35T and ML50T telescopic reach SAL models are part of a continued growth and expansion plan in this category for the company. These two models will be available at New Holland Construction dealerships across North America beginning June 1st. For more information, visit or contact your local New Holland Construction dealer.