Manitou Wheel Loaders Summarized — 2022 Spec Guide

Manitou wheel loader

Plenty of Power and Maneuverability Packed into Compact Machines

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Manitou began its roots in a family tradition of innovation and imaginative power, creating the first rough terrain forklift in 1957. For generations, Manitou carried forward this dedication by creating innovative products for construction, agriculture and industrial markets worldwide.

Manitou manufactures four wheel loader models, the MLA 6, MLA 7, MLA-T 516 and MLA-T 533. With articulated steering and speeds from 19 to 25 mph, these powerhouses can easily maneuver on a jobsite and boost productivity with their fast work cycles. Powerful engines, rated 65, 74 or 143 gross hp, are at the core of Manitou articulated loaders. A heavy-duty oscillated articulation joint offers turning angles up to 45 degrees to the left and right and 10 degrees of oscillation in both directions for optimal traction and movement.

Weighing in at 9,500 to 19,584 lbs, Manitou articulated loaders are built for heavy lifting. With some of the highest bucket breakout forces for their respective class size, operators can fill the bucket to the max, while front and rear locking differentials allow maximum tractive effort for pushing into the pile.

The cabin is designed for comfort with a seven-way adjustable seat, fully-adjustable steering column, cup holder, adjustable armrest and wide openings that provide 360-degree operator visibility. An exclusive multi-function joystick also controls all hydraulic functions from one joystick, allowing the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel for increased safety and efficiency.

Manitou articulated loaders come standard with the Power-A-Tach hydraulic attachment system that features a skid steer interface, allowing operators to utilize attachments they already own. Other standard features include an inching pedal for precise speed control, front and rear locking differentials, multi-function joystick and tapered Z-bar linkage with mechanical self level and return to dig.

The ability to maneuver freely in tight places, while inflicting minimal ground damage, makes these units adaptive and ideal for multiple applications. Add in the versatility from a wide range of attachments, and Manitou wheel loaders are great tools for the farm, jobsite and everything in between.

Manitou wheel loader specs

Advice to Buyers

“Different applications need different configurations. This is why travel speed options and different hydraulic possibilities are becoming increasingly important,” says Frederik Crul, global product manager for Manitou wheel loaders. “These are rather expensive options but can improve the ROI of the overall investment drastically. Higher top speed will shorten the travel time while high-flow hydraulics or an additional set of hydraulic lines will open the list of available attachments specially built for your applications.”

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