Here’s a Checklist for Compact Wheel Loader Preventive Maintenance Practices

Hitachi ZW80

Start Each Day

  • Check levels of all fluids, including fuel, coolant, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, engine oil and DEF, where applicable; 2. Check tire pressure and check tires for damage and wear; and 3. Check all safety systems.

End Each Shift

  • Remove all debris, giving special attention to the engine, grille screens and radiator cooling screen; and 2. Check for loose, damaged or missing parts.

Every 50 Hours

  • Check quick-attach or loader pins, tension and condition of drive belts; 2. Lubricate all grease fittings plus all hinges, pivots, etc.; 3. Check function of all lights and indicators/check electrical wiring and fuses; 4. Check for leaks in fuel, cooling, hydraulic, drive and brake systems; and 5. Check tightening and retightening torque of nuts and bolts.

Every 100 Hours

  • Complete a thorough inspection of the entire machine; 2. Clean/replace air conditioner circulation/fresh air filters (and double filters, if equipped); 3. Check the condition of brake pads and replace them as needed; 4. Check torque on all threaded fasteners; 5. Check for chafing and pinching on the wiring harness; 6. Check the condition of all hoses; 7. Clean battery terminals; 8. Check battery electrolyte level, assuming the battery has removable caps; 9. Check play in brake and clutch pedals and adjust as needed; 10. Lubricate all grease fittings plus all hinges, pivots, etc.; 11. Replace HST oil filter element and return filter; 12. Change engine oil and filter; and 13. Clean fuel filter element and oil coolers.

Every 250 Hours

  • Check fuel hoses/check hoses and lines for cracks, bends, etc.; 2. Check battery electrolyte level, assuming the battery has removable caps; 3. Check refrigerant/air conditioner components; 4. Check and grease pins; 5. Change transmission and axle oil; and 6. Change engine oil and filter.

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Every 500-1,000 Hours

  • Change fuel filter; 2. Change hydraulic and transmission gearbox oil and filters; 3. Check torque on all threaded fasteners (initial torque check should be at 100 hours on new or rebuilt equipment); 4. Change engine oil/filter and change brake oil; 5. Clean radiator/oil cooler and other cooling system; 6. Grease (steering cylinder)/lubricate all grease fittings plus all hinges, pivots, etc.; 7. Replace HST charge filter/clean transmission strainer; 8. Check ride control accumulator function, gas leakage, looseness and damage; 9. Check refrigerant/air conditioner components; 10. Drain water and sediment from fuel tank/replace fuel main filter/fuel pre-filter element; 11. Check and clean starter and alternator; 12. Replace DEF/AdBlue supply module filter element; and 13. Check surroundings around axle and covers for oil leaks.

Every 2,000 Hours

  • Change coolant; and 2. Lubricate all grease fittings plus all hinges, pivots, etc.

Sam Shelton is the communications manager for Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc.

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