Wowsers: Utility Vehicle Maker Landmaster Adds 90 New Dealers in the Last Year

The American-made UTV manufacturer Landmaster is continuing to grow by adding over an additional 90 new dealers to its national and international mix of dealers. Landmaster’s primary focus this year has been adding dealers in the farm and agriculture segment. “By taking on the Landmaster product, several of our large implement and tractor dealers are starting to see more residential-based consumers stop by their dealership vs the typical farm and commercial user. Prior to this, dealers primarily dealt with commercial and farm customers, now dealers can benefit by selling our UTVs along with their other products to the residential large landowner.” Comments David Piercy, Director of marketing for Landmaster.

Landmaster only builds-to-order which benefits their dealers in multiple ways. For one it allows the dealer to build a fully customized unit that best meets the demands of their customers. Secondly, when a dealer places an order, it ships on average in 3-4 weeks. Landmaster states that they have the industry’s fastest lead times from order to shipment. “Building to order also ensures we’re not creating excess inventory that we later are forced to push onto dealers. When we build to order, we’re creating product that matches the needs and demand of the marketplace.” States Dustin Noble, VP of Sales and Marketing for Landmaster.

landmaster utility vehicle workers cutting-logs-with-utv

In addition to adding 90+ dealers, Landmaster has added on a new VP of sales and an additional three regional sales reps to help manage the added territories. For dealers interested in becoming a Landmaster dealer, they should visit or contact Dustin Noble, VP of Sales and Marketing at (260) 438-1183

About Landmaster: Landmaster has been manufacturing UTVs and related recreational products for over 50 years. The company is an Indiana based company producing a full line of gas and lithium ion UTVs. They distribute through independent dealers throughout the U.S. and globally, delivering the absolute best combination of quality, value, and performance. For more information, please visit