GIE+EXPO: Gravely launches Atlas JSV utility vehicle

Construction contractors take notice. Green industry expert Gravely (known for its impressive zero turn mowers, snow throwers and parent company Ariens) is introducing a pretty hardcore, commercial-grade utility vehicle to the market. It’s called the Atlas JSV (Job Site Vehicle). But it’s not just for landscaping – if landscaping at all – it’s impressive enough for any mining site, oil and gas project, dairy operation or industrial application.

The quick facts (because it’s late and this trade show is just beginning):

  • It’s a joint design effort with off-road experts Polaris
  • It has both gas and diesel options
  • It has very impressive specs — 1,900 lb payload and 2,000 lb towing capacity
  • The all-steel MX-18 JobBox features a 1,250-lb capacity, plus electric cargo lift is standard
  • Bench seating and three seat belts accommodate a trio in the JSV-3000, and there’s a two row model accommodating six (with seatbelts) called the JSV-6000
  •  It rides like a beast, with a gnarly, black bumper.

There’s a lot more, but we’ll get into in the print issue. Some extras from the press release: Both models are available with a 1-cylinder, 570cc Polaris DOHC gas engine or 3-cylinder, 1028cc Kohler Diesel engine. All engines provide a 10-gallon fuel capacity and ground speed of 35 mph.

Atlas JSV-3000 models start at $12,999 and the Atlas JSV-6000 crew models start at $14,799.

A full slate of accessories is available for the Atlas JSV including a range of cab enclosure accessories that fit easily into a profiled tubular frame for quick installation. Other accessories include winches, snow plow and front receiver hitch as well as tool rack, chainsaw press, gun mount and cargo box.

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  • Thank you for answering one of the questions I asked.
    The answer seems to be that there is no PTO???/
    Question,do you have hydraulic & air & electrical connections for the use of a small trailer with tipping facility ,lighting and brakes to match the weight on the trailer?
    Thank you …..did I understand correctly that somebody technical will be getting back to me??
    We are interested in the direction of ARIENS in the nmarketing sense and note that your strategic alliance with Polaris is helpful to both companies.
    I think it would be more private to communicate by the private e-mail system thank you Graham

  • There is a JSV-Gravely type vehicle in England & it has a similar kind of market but this British vehicle is designed for the same kind of market that the gravely is focused towards.
    Additionally,it is directed more towards the FARM VEHICLE market due to the presence of :-
    1-a 540 &1000 power take off.{PTO} for mowers,sprayers etc.
    2-a suspended hitch with ability to pull farm-trailers at speed [50MPH]
    3-a 3-point linkage for mounting or trailed spreaders,hedge cutters etc.
    Like Gravely it can carry driver & six passengers.
    The prototype was at 35 KW & travelled at 55 MPH.
    Subsequent vehicles went to 45kw,50kw,56kw,67kw,& 85kw in design & prototype terms.
    Since the formation of Trantor International Ltd in 2005 the company has concentrated its attention on the up and coming no-till market where farmers across USA have made the FIRM decision to change what they do and what EQUIPMENT they need to do it with.
    In UK pioneer sales were made at various Water Authorities [see pdf brochure K with benefits & savings made ] various county councils for municipal work [similar to Countax tractors ],some forestry maintenance contractors etc etc.[A list of customer types found to date is available.
    We are seeking a USA -based company to work with on Market Development & when Mr.Dan Ariens is next in UK we would like to meet him.

  • What is the Maximum HP of the Job-site-Vehicle ?
    Does the ATLAS JSV have a 3-point linkage for work with Ag-Implements?
    Does the Atlas JSV have a 540 RPM Power-Take-Off ?
    Does the Atlas JSV have a 1000 RPM power-take-off ?
    When pulling a trailer is there a hitch-point like a farm tractor has??
    When hitching a trailer`s drawbar to the Atlas JSV,does the hitch have its own suspension system?
    If Yes,does the de dion suspension operate for the body and is there a special system for the trailer when there is LOAD on the drawbar/hitch-point ?
    Is the concept planned for sales in to the AG-Market??
    Thank you Graham