Crawler Carrier Expert Prinoth Expands North American Plant with $25M Investment

Prinoth recently announced an investment of $25 million to expand its current Granby, Canada, plant. In order to support the continuous worldwide growth of its crawler carrier business, as well as the growth of its snow grooming sector in North America, the company will increase its North American manufacturing facility of Granby from a 120,000 sq ft to a total of 200,000 sq ft.

The enlargement will consist of an increase in production capacities. A variety of elements geared towards production modernization and a steadfast dedication to Industry 4.0 practices will be integral to the project. With Prinoth products in high demand and the promise that customers have the vehicles they need when they need them, the expansion project strengthens Prinoth’s commitment to its customer base. This investment not only secures current jobs but also creates new positions at the facility.

“Through fresh investments and the introduction of new employment opportunities, we are moving the Granby factory forward propelled by infrastructure growth in the US, the development of new markets and new industry- specific vehicle developments as well as by having sustained reputable and reliable products that make a real difference in our customers’ day-to-day operations,” said Operations Vice-President for the Granby Plant Stéphane Provencher.

The Prinoth management team puts employee wellbeing at the forefront of its decision-making.

“We’re always taking into consideration how these new spaces will be occupied by our employees. A few years back, we added air conditioning to our production spaces and we will carry on the AC distribution for our workers’ comfort. It makes a big difference for them when you do physical work like they do,” added Provencher.

Legacy Products

The Granby plant is where Prinoth employees design and produce the iconic Panther crawler carrier vehicle models, the Bison snow groomer and the SW50 snow removal machine. Throughout its 28-year existence, the plant has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and upheld industry-leading manufacturing practices.

“Our Granby Canada Plant team plays a vital role in supporting our company’s purpose statement of enabling our customers to be successful through our sustainable technology that delivers perfect results in challenging conditions and as such, we are very happy to see this project come to fruition,” commented Stéphane Provencher.

The expansion have already begun, with the entire construction expected to be completed by November 2024.