SnowEx Storm Seeker Headlamps Offer Optimal Reliability, Brighter Beams for Truck Plows

SnowEx Storm Seeker

The new Storm Seeker halogen headlamps from SnowEx offer significant durability and illumination improvements for users of SnowEx truck plows.

The Storm Seeker headlamps are uniquely designed to reliably deter water ingression. The reflector-to-housing seal features a built-in vent that allows moisture to exist, but not enter. In addition to fighting water ingression, an improved lens seal uses dual adhesive bead channels to ensure secure attachment of the lens. The lamps have passed an IPX9K pressure washing protection test. They have also passed a humidity test, thanks in part to improved venting through the use of Gore-Tex patches.

SnowEx Storm SeekerReplacing SnowEx’s previous single cavity headlamp, the Storm Seeker’s dual-cavity lamp allows individual cavities to be optimized for low and high beam functions. Using H9/H11 bulbs, the low beams are 17-percent brighter and 6-percent wider to put down more light in front of the plow and to the sides for safer plowing. High beams are 36-percent brighter and illuminate 35-percent farther, allowing plow operators to see more of the road ahead.

An enhanced mounting bracket design provides vibration dampening, along with better structural balance and flexibility to withstand jarring shocks and vibrations from plow tripping events and general use.

To avoid interference with the hood, the headlamp casing is 3 to 3.5 inches less deep than the previous lamp design. This shallow casing also eliminates the need for additional brackets.

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