Felling FT-10-1 PTNo matter the industry, operator safety and ease of use and maintenance, are key elements that are taken into account when a company is looking into equipment acquisition. Felling’s newly designed Utility Pole trailers are fully engineered and documented products that an operator can be assured of many years of trouble-free service.

There are three lengths available.
• 20 ft retracted to 30 ft extended,
• 24 ft retracted to 40 ft extended
• 29 ft retracted to 46 ft extended.

Payload capacities from 7,980 lbs up to 36,600 lbs are available. Electric brakes are standard and all can be equipped with air brakes if needed.

Ease of Use — Equipped with a 2-in. cold rolled steel, positive locking adjustment pin and designed with a notched flange welded on the pin, the flange notches have to pass through two tabs welded 90 degrees from each other assuring a positive locked position. The 2-in. positive locking adjustment pin is attached to the trailer with a chain to prevent loss.

Safety in Design — The Utility Pole trailers are equipped standard with center and rear, full width, 5-in. x 6.7# double c-channel bolsters with sliding, lever locking removable stanchions. There is a lynchpin with a lanyard attached at each end of the bolster. A 45-in. wide front bolster with a 4” strap and binder is standard. Optional front bolsters include 60 in. and 95 in. wide. Both are double c-channel construction and include a 4-in. strap and binder along with lever locking removable stanchions.

Multiple load securement points are located down the mainframe rail, three (3) d-rings provide ideal tie-down points for the material being carried in the cargo area.

• 10-in. x 6-in. receiver tube
• 12 gauge steel floor with drainage perforations
• 3-in. Crossmembers
• All wiring and air lines (when equipped with air brakes) are ran Internally traveling in a Heavy Duty Energy Chain
• No User intervention is required for the wiring or airlines when extending and retracting the tongue
• Positive Locking Adjustment Pin with chain attached to trailer to prevent loss

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