Crysteel Reintroducing Two Series of Class 8 Bodies

 Crysteel Manufacturing recently announced the reintroduction of the Paradox and Raptor series of Class 8 dump bodies. These Class 8 bodies are made from hi-tensile steels, and come in standard and heavy duty models. The Paradox and heavier duty Paradox RoxBox feature a square body style, while the Raptor and heavier duty RipRaptor bodies are elliptical. Both lines are available in body sizes ranging from 14 feet to 21 feet 6 inches with capacities from 13 to 26.9 yards.

According to Crysteel General Manager Joe Paulsen, customer demand was behind the reintroduction. He said, “These products continue to have a loyal following in the industry, and over the years we continued to receive requests and inquires for them. So we worked diligently with our Crysteel distributors to reestablish these bodies in our product mix, and we’re very excited to be able to offer both the Paradox and Raptor series of dump bodies once more.”

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