Buyers Products Upgrades 3-Cubic-Yard, Electric Spreader

Buyers Products, a leading manufacturer in the work truck equipment industry, introduces a larger version of its SaltDogg PRO Series electric spreader. The new 9-1/2-ft PRO3000 model boasts a 3-cu-yd capacity, which equates to roughly 3.2 tons of bulk #1 rock salt. The spreader joins the existing 1.5-, 2-, and 2.5-cu-yd models of the popular SaltDogg PRO Series.

To create the PRO3000, Buyers upgraded its 3-cu-yd spreader (SHPE3000) with a swing-away chute and a remote grease-bearing kit. The chute makes bulk-unloading extra material easy at the end of the day, and it give contractors the ability to quickly load their walk-behinds on site. The remote grease-bearing kit takes the hassle out of lubricating the auger bearing. Both upgrades are standard features across the entire PRO Series line of spreaders.

“Our customers’ feedback is our most valuable resource,” says Scott Moorman, Director of Snow and Ice at Buyers Products. “They love our PRO Series and wanted us to upgrade our 3-cubic-yard, electric, poly-hopper spreader to the same specs. So we did just that.”

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