Trencher Talk: Walk-Behind Trencher Specs from Barreto Mfg Inc.

Barreto Mfg Inc. trencher

Walk-behind trenchers are a popular choice for contractors who perform small- to mid-duty trenching applications. Think tasks such as installing irrigation lines, landscape lighting, telecommunications cables, etc. These machines are easy to transport, learn and use — making them great options for novice operators, renters and crews that perform excavation jobs. Want to know more about walk-behind trenchers? Check out Barreto’s product line below.

Wheeled and Tracked Models to Tackle Any Terrain

Barreto Mfg Inc. started over 40 years ago with a young Greg Barreto working late nights in his garage to design the industry’s first all-hydraulic tiller. He knew that design had the potential to revolutionize the rental industry, and it did. Since then, innovation has never ceased. Barreto manufactured the first all-hydraulic walk-behind trencher in 1995, the first all-hydraulic self-propelled mini walk-behind trencher in 2005, the first all-hydraulic steerable walk behind trencher in 2007 and the first all-hydraulic automatic drive micro trencher in 2010.

The Barreto trencher lineup includes five models: three wheeled walk-behind models and two tracked models: the 712MTH Micro Trencher, 912HM Mini Trencher, 1324D/1624D Standard Trencher, 1324/1624STK Track Trencher and the 2024/2324RTK Track Trencher.

Leading Barreto’s wheeled trencher lineup is the popular 912HM Mini Trencher. One of a kind in its size and class, it features variable wheel speed and is a top selling model that can dig up to a 24-in. dig depth. Bulletproof and straightforward, the hydraulic design is compact yet robust enough for most applications. It sacrifices nothing on the jobsite, and the innovative boom pivot design keeps high-wear components out of the dirt, reducing maintenance often caused by debris.

The 1324D/1624D Standard Trencher is another pinnacle product. All-hydraulic with excellent stability and a low center of gravity, this trencher gets the work done while remaining simple to use. The operator can manually unlock the axle for easier turning and transportation when not trenching, and it can dig up to a 36-in. dig depth.

The 712MTH Micro Trencher features a unique automatic wheel drive propulsion system and load-sensing hydraulic valve. The machine automatically adjusts the wheel speed to the digging conditions, keeping a consistent load on the engine for optimal efficiency. Essentially, it’s like operating a comfortable and safe “cruise control” with one control lever operating the wheel drive and another operating the chain drive. It is simple, safe and compact — perfect for novice users.

Barreto Mfg Inc. trencher specs

Advice to Buyers

“ROI is directly impacted by the machine’s durability and ease of maintenance,” says Tim Phelps, director of sales and marketing for Barreto. “Less time performing repairs equals more money saved and more money made on the jobsite. Operator ease is another consideration. If the machine is simple and user-friendly, you will have satisfied customers who have a better experience and are more likely to return to your business. Desired application is also quite important. The type of work that the machine is expected to put in will factor heavily into which model you want to buy. For example, a micro trencher might be well suited for shallow applications like fence installations, but it might not be the best option for laying deeper electrical or gas lines. Take into consideration who will use the trencher and for which applications, and that will help you make an informed purchasing decision.”

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