New Ditch Witch MT26 Microtrencher Cuts Deep and Wide for Fiber Installs

To help power and fiber-optic cable contractors reliably and efficiently use microtrenching for cable installation, Ditch Witch has introduced the MT26 microtrencher. The attachment is part of a complete microtrenching system, along with the Ditch Witch RT80 ride-on trencher and HX75 vacuum excavator. With the MT26, operators can create a clean, deep, narrow trench in one easy pass, and easily install cable deep enough to meet most requirements with minimal disruption to the surrounding infrastructure.

Designed with a standard hydraulic plunge to provide variable depth control, the MT26 can cut a clean trench from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches (76.2 mm) wide and down to 26 inches (660.4 mm) deep. Reaching depths of up to 26 inches allows contractors to install a typical 2-inch fiber or power cable line with the required 2-feet of ground cover all at the same time. In the past, cutting a narrow trench at this depth required a rock saw, which would leave a more invasive trench as well as leave spoils and dirt on the road, or a horizontal directional drill, which would need more time to set up.

Additionally, the ability to create a trench up to 3 inches wide — a wider cut than any other microtrencher on the market — helps simplify the trench cleaning process for operators, especially when installing at deeper depths. The MT26 does this by vacuum excavating the spoils from microtrencher simultaneously as the microtrencher cuts along the road. This alleviates time and costs associated with jobsite cleanup and restoration, and it opens the door for contractors to take on jobs in markets beyond power and fiber optic installation.

“Microtrenching is quickly growing in popularity among power and fiber-optic installation contractors because it is the least invasive open-cut solution,” said Steve Seabolt, product marketing manager, Ditch Witch HD tractors. “The MT26 is designed to help operators create narrow trenches that go deeper and wider than ever before, which increases productivity and reduces their jobsite cost-per-foot.”  

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Operator flexibility is also a key feature of the MT26. The attachment can be equipped with a variety of blades, including the standard carbide-tipped blades and the Ditch Witch exclusive PDC blades with diamond-embedded carbide. All blades are easily changeable with standard hand tools to keep operators on the job, not on the sidelines. The MT26 is also compatible with 4-, 5- and 6-inch vacuum excavator hoses – giving contractors the flexibility to use their preferred vacuum excavator.

The MT26 is the latest addition to the Ditch Witch family of microtrenchers, which includes the MT9, MT12 and MT16. For more information about the MT26 microtrencher, contact your local dealer or visit:

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