Watch: Let’s Better Understand Utility Tractor Maintenance with the Know Your Kubota Video Series

Kubota Tractor Corp. has one of the best new video series out there right now with its Know Your Kubota maintenance modules. The company has tackled utility vehicles, zero turn mowers and utility tractors (that’s what we’re featuring today).

“Kubota has become a household name through many years of ownership loyalty and pride,” said Kevin Cobb, senior product training manager. “The Know Your Kubota video series is intended to help our customers maintain their investments and enhance their pride of ownership by accomplishing another job well done. Several of the videos focus on helping the Kubota owner take advantage of innovative features such as installation of the exclusive Swift-Tach loader to help them save time and enjoy the ease-of-operation.”

These videos are top tier — beautifully shot with exceedingly fresh beats during each interlude. Any readers with a Kubota compact tractor should be watching all of these, so we compiled them all into one place for you. Because, you know, we like you. We’ll cover other categories as they’re released.

“Here at Kubota, we not only build great equipment but together with both our dealers and our customers we partner to make sure our equipment remain trouble-free and running well for years to come, “ explained Paul Kern, manager for service training. “These DIY videos show Kubota customers in a step to step, simple way just how easy it is to perform routine maintenance on their machines.”

“For many first time tractor owners/operators, the ability to utilize videos to help with removing or attaching certain implements will be a huge asset,” said Stephen Barcuch, product marketing director of compact utility tractors. “Taking a loader, backhoe or mid mount mower off is not something you do every day so having this resource available to help walk the customer through it is very useful.”

“Each day we have a new digital journey,” said Beth Stanford, digital marketing manager. “No matter the device, browser, network you choose, it will always be unique to you. Kubota understands that and wants to provide resources however best suited for you. The new Know Your Kubota series is available on YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook and Turn the volume up, hit pause, rewind and rewatch as many times as you need. Just know that we will be there on your terms and give you the peace of mind that we are there with you for the long haul.”

To view all of Kubota’s maintenance videos, roll through this link.

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