Massey Fergusson — The Official Tractor of Rodney Atkins

The songs of Rodney Atkins’ speak of the endurance of the working class, the unassuming folks who make up the fabric of America. The man whom penned the song, “Man on a Tractor,” shares those same fundamental ideals with a company that boasts more tractors on the job worldwide than any other brand.

In 2011, Massey Ferguson will proudly be the “official tractor” of Rodney Atkins. A platinum-album-producing star who earned the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Male Vocalist award in 2006, Atkins recorded five Number One hits that year including “If You’re Going Through Hell.” His latest hit “Farmer’s Daughter” is a chart favorite. He has toured with the likes of Brad Paisley, Brooks & Dunn, Martina McBride and ZZ Top. The partnership between this native of a small town in East Tennessee and a tractor brand steeped in traditional rural values is a perfect fit.

“I’ve never been one to stray far from my roots on the farm,” said Atkins. “And hard work and love of the land are a big part of that. I was raised with a love and devotion for this country and the principles it was founded upon. I’m proud to share the stage with a brand like Massey Ferguson that embodies those same core values.”

Throughout the year, Atkins will be involved in activities ranging from national advertising to dealer tie-ins, social media campaigns, contests and national Farm Shows bringing this ball-cap-donning “regular guy” who just happens to rack up a slew of country hits among the hardworking farmers who share his ideals. One of his first projects is “Rodney Atkins’ Official Tractor: Massey Ferguson” a new YouTube music video where he talks about his ideals.

“It is a tremendous honor to have Rodney Atkins as a face of this brand,” said Meghann McNally brand marketing manager for Massey Ferguson. “His songs connect to those close to the land, who take pride in and know the value of a hard-day’s work. Those are the same standards that this company was founded on and the standards by which we work today.”

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