Kioti Compact Tractors — 2014 Spec Guide

Kioti Tractor, a division of Daedong-USA Inc., has had a steady and increasing presence in North America for more than 25 years. Since 1986, the company has increased the depth of its product line to include more than 45 compact tractor models in the 22- to 90-hp range. Sixteen of these models fall into the 22- to 40-hp range. Kioti has long been recognized for the industry-leading operating weights of its tractors, says the company. For models under 40 hp, these weights range from 1,485 to 4,299 lbs, offering 16.2 to 34 PTO hp to drive a variety of implements and attachments. Kioti’s heavier-weight construction offers users both force and traction to power through a variety of jobs.

Kioti touts a “solid warranty” on all of its tractors. The company says it can offer this warranty because of its vertically integrated manufacturing process. This vertical integration allows Kioti to ensure buyers that nearly all major Kioti tractor components are designed, engineered and assembled by its parent company, Daedong Industrial Co. Ltd., for the sole purpose of handling the most demanding workloads, says Kioti. Staying true to this process, the company can maintain the stringent quality control standards necessary to give all Kioti products a superior level of performance and longevity.

Kioti currently offers four series of tractors in the featured 40-and-under hp range. The first, Kioti’s CS Series, is comprised of its newly-released CS2410 sub-compact tractor. The second, Kioti’s DS Series, is the company’s value line of tractors. This series boasts Kioti’s quality and power with fewer standard features for the budget-conscious customer. The Kioti CK and DK Series offers Kioti’s premium quality with enhanced standard features to deliver power and performance on the job, says the company. A contemporary design, easy access to maintenance and service points and a variety of operator comfort features round out each Kioti tractor model.

Most recently, Kioti added a Tier 4-compliant tractor model with the addition of the CK2510 tractor. Built with a Daedong eco-friendly diesel engine, the CK2510 tractor provides an environmentally friendly option for fans of the low-maintenance Kioti CK tractor series. Along with a quiet, low vibration experience that is the trademark of the CK Series tractors, the CK2510 engine meets the strictest requirements for Tier 4 compliance, while improving fuel efficiency and increasing output, says Kioti.

Advice to Buyers
“When shopping for a compact tractor, one of the first things you should consider is the PTO and pulling power,” explains Peter Dong Kyun Kim, CEO of Daedong-USA Inc. “PTO power is important to know if you plan to run PTO-powered implements like rear shredder mowers and rotary tillers. The PTO power rating will determine the size of the implement you can efficiently run with the tractor. Additionally, you should consider the weight of the implements and other attachments you plan to push or pull with the tractor. The larger and heavier the implement, the more PTO horsepower you will need. Generally speaking, a compact tractor with a PTO power between 25 to 50 hp is ideal for most farm hobbyists.”

Kioti Compact Tractor Specs

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