Innovative Iron Awards 2016: YT3 Series Yanmar Compact Tractors with High-Tech Transmissions

The YT3 Series Yanmar Compact Tractors with New i-HMT Transmissions

To the best of our knowledge, Yanmar America’s Integrated HydroMechanical Transmission (i-HMT) technology now offered on the YT3 Series compact utility tractors is unmatched by almost any transmission and operator control technologies offered on the American market. By offering this technology on compact tractors, Yanmar is the first in the industry to deliver a level of operator-ease-of-use, labor-saving and productivity-increasing technology previously only available on larger, more expensive tractors and agricultural equipment.

YT tractor owners will benefit from the fuel-conserving efficiency of the i-HMT, and its durability has been demonstrated in years of i-HMT use before Yanmar brought it to the North American market. But the real game-changing aspect of the i-HMT transmission is how it allows new ease-of-use and increased operator productivity features that set a new industry standard for compact tractors. The standard-equipment operator control features on i-HMT tractors provide simplicity and precise control that every member of the family can benefit from. If you have ever wished that your tractor drove more like your automatic transmission truck or car, you will love an i-HMT tractor.

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