hydra-rakeCMP Attachments Hydra-Rake

The CMP Attachments Hydra-Rake is a revolutionary attachment that is well worth its money. It allows you to till and level the ground faster and is truly an industrial piece of equipment. There are no shafts, chains or gear boxes to cause breakdowns. The hydraulic motor is housed in the drum and carbide teeth guarantee cutting contact on every inch of the ground. It also has a built-in relief valve for repeat stalling of the drum which allows you to continue working without any headaches. The Hydra-Rake is recommended for 30- to 80-hp tractors and has a superior hydraulic filtration system, heavy duty oil cooler and heavy-duty 4.75-in. drum bearing. With this unit’s weight and power, you’ll eat up the competition and get your new yard, leveling or restoration project done faster. For more info, call 763-443-7861 or visit

Ventrac Seed Bed Prepventrac

The Ventrac Power Rake attachment is designed for leveling rough ground and new yard installations, as well as removing surface rocks and debris. This attachment easily fills in low spots and levels off the high spots while leaving the soil ready for seed planting. The Ventrac boasts an enormous amount of power for its size allowing it to muscle through the toughest of terrain. Add the optional dual wheel kit for operating on slopes up to 30 degrees (58 percent grade). The compact, articulating tractor design allows the operator to work in tight areas and around corners and edges. Seventy-two replaceable carbide tips pulverize and refine the soil. Materials can be moved forward or to either side by hydraulically angling the drum left or right. The drum can be reversed for back-dragging of soils and the tilling depth can be precisely adjusted for up to 3-1/2-in. travel. For more info, call 866-836-8722 or visit

yanmarYanmar Compact Utility Tractor Attachments

No one buys just a tractor. The real fun starts with all the attachments and implements you can add on. The tools that help you cut, till, scrape, mow, seed, rake and take care of a hundred other things on your to-do list. Yanmar America is excited to introduce a full line of compact utility tractor attachments ranging from rotary cutters, rotary tillers, box scrapers, rear blades, precision seeders, turf flexwings and finish mowers. With more attachments to offer than jobs to be completed, Yanmar continues to solve individual needs with high-quality products. For more information visit

EDGE Finish Mower finish mower

Professionally groom your lawn for the perfectly manicured look all your neighbors will envy. Two models, 60 and 72 in., feature standard rear discharge and optional side discharge kits are available. Four solid rubber caster wheels adjust the cutting height and allow the deck to float with ground contour. CEAttachments Inc. provides high-quality attachments for compact equipment under the EDGE brand, including skid steer and track loaders, compact excavators and compact utility tractors.  The company’s products will bring you equipment versatility, increased productivity and a quick return on investment. For more info, call 866-232-8224 or visit

kioti snowblowerKIOTI Snowblowers

KIOTI Tractor now offers three front mount snowblower models designed to fit KIOTI’s entire CK line of compact tractors ranging from 20 to 35 hp, as well as their DKSE models in the 40- to 50-hp range. All models are powered off the tractor’s mid-mount PTO and secured to a special sub-frame that includes a quick-attachment system. Adjustable lateral skid shoes are standard on the KS66-220FM and KS72-220FM, while offered as an option on the KS54-180FM model. These productive, two-stage snow movers are available in three operating widths — 54, 66 and 72 in. Center-balanced 14- or 15-in. diameter augers move snow quickly and effortlessly to a center point discharge window, where a high-speed, four-blade fan moves it directly to the discharge chute. For more info, call 877-GO-KIOTI or visit

Woods Precision Super Seedersuper seeder

The new Woods Precision Super Seeder handles primary seeding, over-seeding and applications such as native grasses and food plots. It has three different seed boxes — cool season, native warm season and legume — to plant anything from rye and oats to prairie grasses, wild flowers, alfalfa and clover. The seed box configuration allows efficient, one-pass planting of up to two seed types at one depth and legume seeds at a different depth. All seed boxes can be engaged/disengaged independently with a single lynch pin. The Woods seeder calibration system takes the guesswork out of seeding rates by removing inconsistent variables from seeding charts such as seed quality, type, size, shape, and the travel speed. Furthermore, you can calibrate while in motion or in a stationary position. For more info, visit