Case IH Compact Tractors — 2015 Spec Guide

The Iconic Farmall Brand is Alive, Well and Tractoring Today

The first Farmall tractors were introduced in 1923 and quickly put a lot of horses out of work. Although they were called Farmall Regular tractors, they had a revolutionary narrow design and higher ground clearance, which allowed producers to put them to work in taller row crops without crop interference.

Re-launching the iconic brand in 2004, Case IH introduced a new generation of Farmalls that promised to be just as versatile and widely used as the originals. To meet the evolving needs of mixed farm and livestock producers, Case IH continues to enhance the Farmall lineup, including expanding its compact offering. This offering is led by the deluxe Compact Farmall C Series, which provides best-in-class features in a compact package, says Case IH. The company will also introduce a new line of compact economy tractors, the Compact Farmall A Series, later this year.

The Compact Farmall C Series includes four Tier 4 B/Final-compliant models ranging from 32 to 47 hp. In a market with no shortage of options, the series stands out with heavier frames, wider track widths and longer wheelbases for increased stability, plus loader lift and rear-hitch capacity. Because of their size, maneuverability and physical capabilities, they are go-to workhorses — whether moving mulch with a loader or mowing a lawn with a mid-mounted mower deck.

Supported by a dealer network, Compact Farmall C models require minimal routine maintenance and boast up to the larger, 17.5 L-24 6 Ply R-4 industrial rear tires on the Farmall 40C and 50C tractors for a longer life and smoother ride on hard pavement. Producers can be ready for any task with all-around visibility from the operator’s seat, along with improved rear visibility to the drawbar, PTO and a three-point hitch. A large operator’s platform offers easy access, while a deluxe seat features an adjustable backrest, armrests and mounts on an inclined plane for taller operators.

For simpler operation, the operator platform has been improved and repositioned. Upgrades include easy-to-reach remote levers on the right-hand console, plus a parking brake lever on the left-hand side. All electrical controls can be quickly accessed under the steering wheel, which also features enhanced wheel tilt for improved maneuverability. The high-capacity, dual-pump hydraulic system standard on all four Compact Farmall C models results in a faster steering response time. The tractors also boast an enhanced lighting package for increased productivity.

The Compact Farmall C CVT Series puts the lineup’s premium capabilities to work in a simple, easy-to-operate package. A unique Tier 4 B/Final emissions package requires virtually no maintenance or downtime to regenerate, plus the efficient CVT transmission provides more power to the PTO compared to other transmission designs. Producers in search of a no-nonsense economy tractor can turn to the Compact Farmall A Series, which will be introduced later this year. Two new models, ranging from 30 to 35 hp, will provide value for small acreage farms and rural estates, as well as municipal and commercial applications. The deluxe Compact Farmall C Series is set to introduce a cab in late 2015.

Advice to Buyers

“When purchasing a new compact tractor, first consider the current and future needs of your operation. What will the tractor be used for? What types of loaders and attachments do you require? How long will the operator be sitting in the cab?” says Denny Stroo, Case IH Farmall tractors marketing manager. “By asking these important questions upfront, you’ll be able to narrow down the right horsepower and features needed to grow your operation.”

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