Wacker Neuson Track Loaders Summarized — 2019 Spec Guide

Wacker Neuson
Stay Up and Running with Easy-to-Access Maintenance Points

Wacker Neuson began manufacturing its locally-designed, -engineered and -built line of compact track loaders in 2015, and now offers a line of medium-frame and large-frame models to choose from. The Wacker Neuson brand is not new to the industry. The company has been manufacturing equipment for the construction and landscape markets for more than 60 years in the United States and has a legacy of more than 160 years in Europe. This experience and knowledge of the construction industry’s demands on equipment allows the company to offer the best warranty in the industry for its compact track loaders. Only Wacker Neuson compact track loaders offer a unique 3-4-5-year warranty. The package includes a three-year full warranty, four-year power train and hydraulics and five-year electrical coverage that provides peace of mind and assurance that these machines are designed and built to withstand almost any jobsite demand.

Wacker Neuson introduced its Series II large frame loaders in early 2019. The new generation of the ST35 and ST45 offer the latest enhanced cab design and service accessibility. These new models incorporate many of the components used in the medium-frame models, which offers dealers and contractors parts commonality and a proven design.

Wacker Neuson says its best-in-class daily maintenance accessibility starts with a cab that tips forward even when the loader arms are down. This provides complete and easy access to all maintenance components. The simple design and efficient layout means less time on daily service checks and more time on the job. The Kohler diesel engine features a maintenance-free, regeneration-free aftertreatment system, eliminating the impact of extreme heat.

The undercarriage offers an open design that makes it easy to clean. Drive motor technology from Rexroth provides high torque for maximum pushing power and efficiency and reduced noise (compared to planetary drives) for improved operator comfort. The simple design minimizes maintenance costs, and the drive lines leading to the drive motors are completely internal so they’re protected from harm’s way.

The complete Wacker Neuson track loader line includes the ST28 and ST31 medium-frame models and the ST35 and ST45 Series II large frame models. Additionally, Wacker Neuson recently introduced two new 100-hp models. The ST40 and ST50 offer more tractive effort, faster high speed travel, increased standard auxiliary flow and high flow.

Advice to Buyers

“Size the machine for the jobs you plan to do, goes without saying, but more importantly get some seat time in the machine,” says Nathan Ryan, Wacker Neuson’s global product manager for skid steers and compact track loaders. “There are a lot of manufacturers in the industry, and they all offer different visibility, comfort, noise levels and other specs you won’t find in a brochure. Buyers should also consider the total cost of ownership, including regular maintenance costs and long-term costs like DPF filters.”

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