New Holland Track Loaders Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

New Holland C232 track loader

Compact Track Loaders Raise the Bar with Boom and Bucket Height

New Holland Construction’s 300 Series compact track loaders offer the rugged construction, power and performance to excel on construction sites, in rental yards and on the farm. The compact track loader design gives the operator year-round traction with a light footprint. The low-profile undercarriage design provides extended track life and a smoother ride by using steel-embedded tracks rolling on rubber instead of steel.

The 300 Series consists of six compact track loader models. All New Holland Construction compact track loader models were designed with a long wheelbase for stability and smooth riding comfort and industry-leading bucket height and reach. The C332, C337, C345 and C362 compact track loaders feature the patented vertical-lift Super Boom design, delivering the industry’s best forward dump height and reach, says the company. The 300 Series also includes the C327 and C334 radial-lift machines that provide digging performance for landscaping and construction applications.

With 6,200-lb rated operating capacity and greater breakout force, New Holland’s newest and largest compact track loader, the C362, is optimized for lift-and-carry operations. The patented Super Boom vertical-lift linkage offers more height and reach, which allows operators to load material right into the center of high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. The Super Boom vertical-lift linkage also maximizes visibility, providing a clear view to the cutting edge, to the bucket at full height and to the sides and rear. Super Boom provides the best of both: more performance and greater visibility all around.

For operator comfort, the 300 Series cabs feature outstanding visibility and are among the widest in the industry. The new, customizable 8-in. LCD display with an integrated backup camera provides a quick, convenient look at engine settings and performance information while providing even greater visibility to the rear of the 300 Series loader for more efficient, safer operation. When you combine the display system with the large rear window, low engine hood and no rear frame towers, the 300 Series offers an unprecedented view out the back.

In addition to providing excellent visibility, the LCD display also acts as the key to accessing New Holland’s operator customization tools. Along with an easy-to-navigate user experience, the display offers the versatility of electro-hydraulic control settings, allowing the operator to customize and adjust the machine’s settings to individual preferences and needs.

New Holland track loader specs

Advice to Buyers

“You can expect a CTL to be the first machine started up in the morning and the last to be put away at night,” says Ryan J. Anderson, product marketing, New Holland Construction. “This is partly due to the CTL’s great traction and abilities in a variety of applications. Knowing this, plan ahead on how you should configure a machine and ask yourself some simple questions. Do you plan on your operation growing in the coming years? If so, what kind of attachments will you need? Will these attachments require high-flow auxiliary hydraulics? Properly outfitting your machine with factory-fit options will be less expensive in the long run and make re-sale easier.”

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