Gehl Compact Track Loaders — 2014 Spec Guide

Gehl began manufacturing agricultural implements in 1859, in West Bend, Wis. Today, Gehl’s headquarters are still located in West Bend, with a state-of-the-art research and design facility, along with modern manufacturing facilities in Yankton and Madison, S.D.

The all-new Gehl RT175 GEN:2, RT210 GEN:2 and RT250 are all compact track loader models manufactured and assembled in Yankton. Gehl compact track loaders are equipped with engines providing from 179 to 243 ft-lbs of torque. Along with standard planetary final drive and anti-stall technology, Gehl track loaders produce the highest tractive effort in their corresponding weight classes, says the company. Productivity is further augmented by a hydraulic system flow rate of 34 to 37.4 gpm on high-flow configurations, delivering high performance and fast cycle times.

The RT175 GEN:2, RT210 GEN:2 and RT250 models feature radial-lift path loader configurations, providing performance in ground-engaging applications. Lift cylinders incorporate cushioning for smoother operation when lowering the lift arms. Hydraulic self-leveling is standard, as is auxiliary hydraulic flow to attachments. High flow is optional to further increase versatility. A universal manual quick-attach is also standard, to accept a broad range of attachments, and an optional universal hydraulic power quick-attach facilitates easy change-over. Standard connect-under-pressure couplers make changing attachments convenient and simple.

The all-new Gehl compact track loader cabin design is safe and comfortable, says the company. The standard mechanical full-suspension seat, or optional air-ride seat, features direct-mounted joysticks to optimize controllability. Controls and seat are fully adjustable to operator preference. An industry-exclusive, tilt-out foot pod makes cleaning easy when necessary. All cabins, including the optional enclosed cab with heat and/or air conditioning, are certified ROPS/FOPS Level 2 for operator protection.

Operating RT175 GEN:2, RT210 GEN:2 and RT250 compact track loaders is intuitive, easy and customizable, says Gehl. A full color display provides clear feedback on machine status and allows operators to provide input into machine operation. Electro-hydraulic joystick controls are standard, featuring low effort levers for extended working periods. Drive Sensitivity Adjustment is equipped on all models, allowing an operator to tailor desired machine response to joystick movements.

The newest generation of radial-lift track loaders offers many features, including the patented IdealTrax automatic track tensioning system. This system eliminates manual track tensioning and increases the life of the tracks, sprockets and bearings, due to the relief of track tension when the engine is shut off. This system saves the suggested 10- to 15-minute track tension checks that are recommended every 50 hours and the 30- to 45-minute tension readjustments required approximately every 300 to 400 hours depending on usage. By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 percent.

Straight tracking is now available on the RT175 GEN:2 and RT210 GEN:2 radial-lift track loaders, allowing the operator to make tracking adjustments to keep the machine on a straight path at all times. The operator can control straight tracking from the cab, eliminating unnecessary servicing.

Advice to Buyers
“Compact track loaders excel in muddy, loose conditions,” says Brian Rabe, Gehl manager of product development. “A machine with a dedicated undercarriage will outperform and outlast traditional bolt-on style configurations. The applications you need to perform will guide your buying decision when it comes to lift height, rated capacity and machine size. Be sure to also consider what attachments are needed and what attachments you may already own and ensure that the machine hydraulic system will be capable of powering them.”

Gehl Compact Track Loaders

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