New Holland Skid Steers Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

New Holland 1334 skid steer

Six Wheeled Units from the Inventor of Vertical Lift

Fifty years ago, New Holland introduced its first skid steer loader, the Model L35, with innovations like the Super Boom vertical-lift linkage, a longer wheelbase and a hydrostatic transmission. Today, New Holland’s 300 Series skid steers build on that heritage to bring best-in-class visibility, stability and controls. The advanced technology in the new 300 Series includes the Super Boom vertical-lift linkage, a new 8-in. multifunction LCD display with reverse camera, straight-line tracking improvements, fully upgraded electrical harness and much more.

The 300 Series is offered in six models. These models range from 60 to 90 gross hp, rated operating capacities from 1,600 to 3,400 lbss and lift heights from 9 ft, 4 in. to 10 ft, 11 in. Four models feature the patented vertical-lift Super Boom design, delivering superior forward dump height and reach, as well as two models that feature radial-lift designs, providing excellent digging performance.

The Super Boom vertical-lift linkage offers outstanding visibility and height, with a see-through area on top of the cab for a clear view to the bucket, even at full height. With greater dump height and reach, operators have more visibility and ease loading high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. The 300 Series builds on the strength of prior models, offering an enhanced ergonomic interior and advancements to major exterior features, allowing for greater visibility, power for applications and durability. The simple operator interface brings new features like maintenance tracking, engine protection and ignition timeout to ensure maximum uptime. The 8-in. LCD multifunction display conveniently shows engine data, performance information, rpm, fuel level, battery voltage, oil and engine temperatures and trip screen. Along with the easy-to-navigate features, the display offers simple electro-hydraulic control settings and is customizable to the operator’s needs.

For regular service or maintenance, the 300 Series offers easy access to the engine. The cab can be tilted forward for access to components and easy cab cleanout, and the all-new wiring harness minimizes downtime from troublesome electrical issues. Models built with electro-hydraulic controls feature multiple speed and sensitivity settings, including the new creep mode and automatic straight-line tracking. Creep mode, a slow-speed option, gives the operator greater control for slow-speed operations such as trenching with speed thresholds of one to 100 increments. Automatic straight-line tracking improves productivity and precision when working with a trencher or cold planer.

New Holland skid steer specs

Advice to Buyers

“Don’t hesitate to ask your dealer for a demo and take the time to demo equipment when looking to make a purchase,” says Ryan J. Anderson, product marketing, New Holland Construction. “Performance specs can be read in a brochure, but in-motion experience is paramount to gaining an understanding of how a machine will react to your input into the controls. Notice how easy or difficult the skid steer is to maneuver, check the visibility around the machine and determine if the machine gives you or your employees the confidence needed to run it effectively and safely.”

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