New Holland Skid Steers Summarized — 2019 Spec Guide

New Holland skid steer
Seven Units from the Inventor of Vertical Lift

New Holland began manufacturing skid steer loaders in 1972, barely a decade after the first four-wheel skid steer loader was invented in 1960. Not only was New Holland one of the very first manufacturers of skid steer loaders, but it was also the first to offer a fully enclosed operator station (ROPS) on every machine and a vertical-lift boom with its patented Super Boom-style lift arms.

The company’s 200 Series represents major advancements in technology, such as pattern-switching and electro-hydraulic controls for ISO or H-pattern. It is also one of the only skid steer loaders on the market with an in-cab lift arm lockout for added operator safety. Skid steer loaders represent the flagship product for New Holland Construction in North America. The 200 Series skid steer loaders include seven models. The L218, L220, L228 and L234 skid steer loaders feature the patented vertical-lift Super Boom design, delivering forward dump height and reach. The 200 Series also includes three models — L213, L216 and L221 — that feature a radial-lift design, providing excellent digging performance.

One of New Holland’s newest additions to the 200 Series, the L234 skid steer, offers a new level of performance in a vertical-lift machine. At 90 hp and with a rated operating capacity of 3,400 lbs, the L234 offers one of the best combinations of reach and lift height in its class, says New Holland, up to 38.8 in. of reach and 10 ft, 11 in. in lift (to the hinge pin).

Vertical-lift skid steers are especially productive in lift-and-carry applications. Like all New Holland 200 Series skid steers, the L234 provides a comfortable working environment. It’s outfitted with one of the industry’s widest cabs, says New Holland. The rear window provides good rear visibility. Stability is an important part of being productive on the jobsite, and that’s another area where this skid steer delivers, says New Holland. The long wheelbase on the L234, like other New Holland 200 Series skid steers, allows operators to lift and haul more material, increasing productivity.

In addition to a compact design with power and performance, New Holland says its skid steer loaders offer durability, reliability and a great dealer network for service.

Advice to Buyers

“Today, skids steers are more alike than they are different,” says Ryan Anderson, skid steer and track loader product marketing specialist for New Holland Construction. “There really isn’t a manufacturer in the business that doesn’t make a quality piece of equipment. At the end of the day, evaluate a machine on how it will make your work day easier. Look at things like ergonomics and how controls are positioned. Consider visibility and how easy it is to see objects around the machine including the outside profile of the tire.”
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