Caterpillar E-Series Hammers Available for Mini Excavators, Skid-Steer and Backhoe Loaders

There are 10 Caterpillar E-Series hammers now available for mini excavators, skid-steers loaders and backhoe loaders.Caterpillar officially unveiled its E-Series hammers, thereplacement for its line of D-Series hammers for mini excavators, skid-steerloaders and backhoe loaders.

There are 10 Cat E-Series hammers available in both silencedand side-plate versions. The hammers come in four sizes – H35, H45, H55 and H65- and two mounting configurations allowing for installation on both Caterpillarand competitive carriers.

Flat-top models allow versatility for installation onCaterpillar and equipment made by other manufacturers. Pin-on models are availablefor the H55E and H65E in applications that require a dedicated, hammer-equippedCat machine.

Silenced hammers, identified with “s” in themodel designation, use a fully enclosed housing to suppress noise, a valuablefeature in sensitive work environments and in small-machine applications inwhich the hammer is in close proximity to the operator. Non-silenced, sideplate models are available for all four sizes.

Several features assure convenient installation,comfortable operation and long hammer life. These hammers are designed andengineered to match auxiliary flows and pressures of the Cat machine. Plus,hydraulic ports are positioned for convenient installation. As soon as thehammer is connected, it is ready to perform.

Suspension system on the silenced models include buffersat the top and bottom to absorb reflective forces and isolate them from themachine. A suspension jack helps to dampen vibration and sound. The result isquiet, reliable operation and reduced operator fatigue.

To protect the hammer from internal stress, an automaticshut-off is available. This instantly stops the piston when the hammer breaksthrough material, which in turn protects the hammer from blank-firing.

The new E-Series hammers include 47 percent fewer partsthan did their D-Series predecessors allowing for quicker, easier servicing. Asfar as daily maintenance, a single grease point is conveniently located andeasily accessed. Common hand tools are all that is needed to make a tool change.

For more information, follow this link to the Caterpillar website.

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