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ASV skid steer

Seasoned Track Loader Vet Also Makes Skid Steers

While ASV’s line of skid steer loaders was just introduced in July 2015, the same designs had been in widespread field operation under various other brand names for several years prior. Although each model was designed from the ground up as a skid steer loader, the line shares many of the same field-proven components and designs as ASV’s long-running line of compact track loaders.

The ASV skid steer loader line includes three sizes: the RS-50 (radial); the RS-60 (radial) and VS-60 (vertical); and the RS-75 (radial) and VS-75 (vertical). The machines share some of the time-proven powertrain, hydraulic and operator station components as their track loader counterparts but are purpose-designed as skid steer loaders for optimum balance and tipping load. They offer a powerful single-speed auxiliary hydraulic system for use with a wide range of attachments. For work in soft underfoot conditions or over obstacles, the RS-50, RS-60 and VS-60 offer more ground clearance than most other skid steers in the class. The ASV machines also have a greater departure angle that enables the units to push up on higher grades without bottoming out. Arm lifting force and breakout force are also higher than most other competitive models so the machines can dig and carry more. Side-by-side cooling systems help ensure these machines work longer and harder in all applications.

The larger RS-75 and VS-75 offer even more tractive power and performance and share some components with the ASV RT-75 compact track loader. Both models have good breakout and lift arm force ratings plus class-leading operating capacities that make these among the most productive and capable skid steers available, says ASV. Each machine has higher ground clearance and a greater departure angle than other similarly sized skid steers, notes the company, allowing the ASV units to operate in a wider range of applications. A high-performance cooling package includes side-by-side engine and hydraulic oil coolers that keep the machine operating at full load, even under high ambient temperatures. ASV also offers optional two-speed auxiliary hydraulics.

Advice to Buyers

“When comparing skid steer loaders, look for a machine with simple, rugged and easy-to-service design,” says Buck Storlie, ASV testing and reliability leader. “Choose engines that don’t require DPF or DEF to meet emissions standards. These will have maintenance-free exhaust systems. Consider hydraulic pilot controls for easy diagnosis and maintenance rather than complex electronic control systems. Look for side-by-side cooling systems instead of stacked for minimum plugging and maximum performance. Consider whether the drive pump is direct drive or if it’s belt driven, which requires regular service.”

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