Innovative Iron Awards 2021: ASV’s MAX-Series and John Deere’s Anti-Vibration Undercarriage

ASV skid steer

Rolling Large: ASV Expands Its MAX-Series Lineup with Skid Steers

Track loaders have overtaken skid steer sales so much that most machine makers aren’t concentrating on new wheeled releases. As one of the original track loader makers, ASV turned a few heads this year when it revamped its skid steer lineup to match its MAX-Series compact track loaders (an Innovative Iron Award winner in 2020). The MAX-Series skid steers encapsulate everything we love about their track loader variants. There’s that floor-to-ceiling glass cab design — 52 percent more than previous ASV models — with clear sides and frameless door, providing unmatched visibility (unless maybe you compare a one-armed loader from JCB). This visibility allows operators to work more confidently and more safely, which is especially important for work in tight residential areas.

The operator station can be upfitted luxuriously: a new fully suspended seat, four-way armrest settings, 7-in. touchscreen display, one-sided lap bar, 2 more in. of width at the shoulders, 8 in. more width at the knees and up to 4.5 in. more foot room than previous models. Bluetooth radio and improved speakers are available. There’s even an escape hatch on the roof. ASV says operators benefit from a cleaner, quieter and more temperature-stable work area with the optional highly-pressurized, all-weather cab. The optional pressurized cab’s improved seal helps repel noise, dust and debris and outside temperatures. This is all built on the hydraulic performance, reliability and serviceability expected from an ASV loader.

More Details

The MAX-Series line was first introduced with compact track loaders in mid-2020, giving operators a premium experience to match the machines’ impressive performance capabilities. Like the tracked machines, the skid steers benefit from a new, next-generation cab available with industry-leading 360-degree visibility, a roomier operator area, a more comfortable seat, a new high-tech touch-screen display and more. MAX-Series skid steers also feature proven ASV benefits, including reliability, rated operating capacities, departure angles, breakout force, hydraulic performance, ground clearance, speed, ease of serviceability, cooling packages and more.

MAX-Series operators benefit from premium 360-degree visibility with the ability to see their surroundings more clearly with standard LED lighting, optional side lighting, all-clear sides and a frameless door providing industry-leading floor to ceiling glass area. That means high visibility and minimal obstructions to the operator’s line of sight, especially beneficial in tight areas or indoor work for which skid steers are commonly used.

Operators can work longer days in comfort with the MAX-Series with a number of comfort and usability features available to be added to the basic configuration. An optional, new fully suspended seat helps make the cab accessible to virtually all body types. The seat is the most customizable in the industry, featuring adjustable four-way controls and arm rests, recline, slide, and weight. Additionally, a one-sided lap bar makes entry and exit easier. This comfort is further enhanced by a roomier cab, including up to 2 more in. width at the shoulders, 8 in. wider at the knees and up to 4.5 in. more foot room. In-cab experience is also enhanced through speaker and radio improvements, including available Bluetooth radio allowing operators to listen to music and take calls wirelessly.

Operators benefit from a cleaner, quieter and more temperature-stable work area with the optional highly-pressurized, all-weather cab. The optional pressurized cab’s improved seal helps repel noise, dust and debris and outside temperatures. An updated HVAC system allows for better overall circulation and defrosting capabilities within the cab. The cab also features a number of reliability improvements, including a design that better protects electronics with fully sealed, water-tight wiring harnesses and fuse panels. ASV backs that reliability with its new two-year/2,000-hour warranty.

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The MAX-Series improves ease-of-operation, service scheduling and job management with an optional state-of-the-art 7-in. touchscreen display. The screen includes vital monitoring tools, displays the view from the backup camera and integrates with service history and schedules. Job management features such as passcode operator lockout, idle time tracking and more are also available. Operators of all skill levels will benefit from new, intuitive switch locations and operator controls. The controls improve convenience with a new dual throttle option, allowing operation at a set rpm with the joystick controls and the ability to increase the rpm with the foot throttle without needing to adjust the dial.

ASV didn’t stop at improved visibility with MAX-Series safety benefits. The machines include the industry’s first skid-steer roof escape hatch, allowing operators to quickly get out through the roof rather than through the back window and over a hot engine bay in emergency situations. Models also include rollover protection (ROPS) and reinforced windows for impact resistance. Additionally, ASV offers options for increased protection, including side screens, reinforced polycarbonate door, level 2 FOPS, and light guards.

ASV MAX-Series skid-steer loaders provide maximum performance with optimal ground clearance, serviceability, departure angle and power. The radial-lift, 75-hp RS-75 includes a 2,600-lb rated operating capacity and a 5,845-lb breakout force. The vertical-lift VS-75 features a 5,920-lb breakout force and an impressive 3,500-lb rated operating capacity for its 75 hp. The VS-75’s high capacity rivals many 95- to 100-hp units, giving operators the ability to have the fuel economy and reduced price of a lower horsepower machine but the performance of some of the largest skid steers out there.

Both models are better able to travel over obstacles without getting hung up thanks to 10.5 in. of ground clearance, more than 2 in. higher than any machine in their class. In addition, the purpose-built chassis improves performance while climbing hills resulting from a 24-degree departure angle. The machines maximize serviceability with convenient and simple maintenance access. Swing-out door and cooling systems provide access to filters and other daily checkpoints for easy maintenance. For more info, visit

Smooth Operator: John Deere Engineers an Anti-Vibration Undercarriage for Its 333G Compact Track Loader

John Deere anti-vibration undercarriage

This summer, John Deere released its 333G SmartGrade compact track loader, a unit specifically engineered for grade control operations and an Innovative Iron Award winner last year. In conjunction, John Deere released an anti-vibration undercarriage system as an option for the 333G. Designed to reduce machine vibration and increase operator comfort, the anti-vibration undercarriage system was created as a solution to combat operator fatigue and enhance user experience.

John Deere says that by utilizing an anti-vibration suspension at the front and rear of the track frame and absorbing shock through the rubber isolators, the machine provides a smoother ride for the operator. These features also enable the machine to travel at higher speeds while retaining material on the job, and permit the machine to flex up and down, creating a more comfortable operator experience, ultimately helping reduce operator fatigue. Also, as you might expect, less vibration is critical for smooth operation when performing exacting grade control. Key features include an isolated undercarriage, bogie rollers, updated grease points, hydrostatic hose protection shield and rubber isolators. For more info, visit

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.