Cool Equipment: Check Out These Seven Pieces of Winter-Focused Machinery

Club CarClub Car’s Carryall 1500 Snow Removal Vehicle

Club Car’s new Snow Removal Vehicles give you snow pros the power, tools and traction you need to quickly and safely remove snow and ice at a price you can afford. Both models are configured with automatic all-wheel drive systems, rustproof aluminum frames and a total vehicle capacity of 1,200 to 1,450 lbs. The Carryall 1500 Snow Removal Vehicle is available in gasoline or diesel models. The diesel-powered Carryall 1500 IT Snow Removal Vehicle features the IntelliTach quick-change hydraulic tool attachment system. It comes with a standard plow and accommodates an optional pallet fork, loader bucket and auxiliary hydraulics for the plow. The vehicles can be customized with a salt spreader, cab, heater, electric bed lift, power steering, reverse buzzer, USB ports and lots more. For more info, visit

AriensAriens RapidTrak Sno-Thro

Ariens just introduced RapidTrak Sno-Thro technology, an innovative system that combines the best of both wheeled and track snow throwers. The RapidTrak system is designed to move fast, closer to the speed of a wheeled Sno-Thro model. The track design gives users the option of using a full track system for ultimate grip and traction or adjusting the back wheel of the track up, creating a faster, more maneuverable system. In the wheel setting, it is easy to turn the RapidTrak machine around obstacles. RapidTrak also includes a third setting, which allows the user to tilt the housing of the machine down toward the ground while in track mode, helping to tackle large piles of snow. Track adjustments? A trigger on the right handlebar allows the user to easily adjust any setting. For more info, visit

SnapperSnapper XD Snow Shovel

The new Snapper XD Snow Shovel is designed to ease the cold, laboring process of shoveling snow. The snow shovel can clear snow up to 6 in. deep at a width of 12 in. and can throw snow up to 20 ft. The weight is strategically positioned at the bottom, and it features a rubber handle for comfortable handling. The snow shovel is powered by a durable Briggs and Stratton 82V Max 2Ah, 4Ah or 5Ah lithium-ion battery and starts effortlessly with the push of a button. With a run time of up to 45 minutes on the 2Ah battery, users can effortlessly tackle the job without losing power. The Snapper XD Snow Shovel is backed by a five-year limited product warranty. Available in December, it retails for $199 (snow shovel only) and $299 for the kit (snow shovel, 2Ah battery and charger). For more info, visit

HinikerHiniker Tilt-Lift Plow

Hiniker Co. recently introduced its super cool 1700 Series Tilt-Lift Plow. The unique Hiniker lifting action keeps the moldboard positioned below the level of the truck lights, eliminating the need for auxiliary plow-mounted headlights. The 1700 Series plows are available in 7- and 7 1/2-ft widths and feature a 26-in.-tall torsion trip-edge moldboard with a stainless-steel surface. The self-aligning, drive-in Hiniker Quick-Hitch 2 mounting system allows users to connect the plow within seconds. The new plows give owners who want to perform their own winter maintenance a high-quality, full-function plow at an economical price. It features hydraulic power angling, lifting and stacking capabilities and utilizes commercial quality hydraulic and electrical components throughout. For more info, visit

MeyerMeyer Telescoping Power Box Plow

Meyer’s versatile new Power Box Plow, which telescopes from 5 to 8 ft or 8 to 12 ft, depending on model, using in-cab controls, saves time and can be attached to almost any machine. Its patented multipurpose design dramatically increases the functionality and maneuverability of containment plows. Meyer’s Power Box Plow has adjustable left and right hydraulic wings that move to the operator’s desired length, increasing maneuverability and easily clearing narrow areas or open lots. It attaches to skid steers, tractors and compact wheel loaders with a convenient free-floating mount and flips over for more effective push and back drag of snow, mud, manure and more. For more info, visit

SnowExSnowEx Liqui Maxx Spray System

The SnowEx Liqui Maxx spray system has been enhanced for greater durability, performance and user friendliness. Able to fit a variety of vehicles, the purpose-built Liqui Maxx provides versatility for anti-icing and deicing. The customizable modular design allows snow and ice professionals to select their desired tank and pump platforms to fit specific needs. Available tank sizes include 300, 500, 750 and 1,250 gal. The elliptical polyethylene tank design provides a low center of gravity and a sump for complete draining. A filtered bottom-fill port can handle all brine solutions. Powered by a 5.5-hp engine, a new dry-seal centrifugal pump has a low-water shutoff switch that prevents the pump from running dry. For more info, visit

BossBoss QuickCube

Boss QuickCube is an all-in-one spreader and salt storage unit that’s operated by a skid steer. Each gravity-fed QuickCube hopper holds up to 1,000 lbs of deicing material. The QuickCube drives efficiency by combining on-site salt storage and spreading. The weather-proof QuickCube Hoppers can be filled and left at customer locations — no more back-and-forth trips during storms or relying on remote salt piles, tarps or shelters. This skid steer-based salting system was conceived in the field by landscape professional Nate Kohn and engineered by Boss to improve contractor profitability. For more info, visit GIE+EXPO booth 11224 or

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