What Needs to Be Considered When Selecting Electric and Diesel Pumps?

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Diesel-powered centrifugal pumps handle high volumes of water discharge. Medium-to-large electric submersible pumps offer maximum power ratings. Diesel-powered centrifugal pumps work with clean or dirty water and can handle trash and fibrous materials. Electric submersible pumps have the ability to handle smaller abrasive materials and solids. Diesel-powered centrifugal pumps are great for fast dewatering on sites without an alternative power source. They are ideal for transporting or raising water with large abrasive solids in suspension.

Electric submersible pumps offer portability, easy handling and are generally well suited to ground water control applications, including emergencies. They are also useful anywhere emissions are not allowed. Diesel-powered centrifugal pumps allow for continuous drainage even with significant volumes of air. Electric submersible pumps can provide hours and even days of unattended operation and can operate in the toughest environments. With the exception of replacing wear parts and engine filters, maintaining diesel-powered centrifugal pumps is easy. Many models offer the ability to replace parts in the field. Electric submersible pumps offer high-wear resistance. Their construction provides for simplified maintenance and easy field repairs.

By Antonio Titomanlio and Joe Moser, Atlas Copco Power Technique.

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