Generac Mobile Expands Trash Pump Line

New 8-inch pumps handle the toughest jobs

Generac Mobile, a leader in mobile power equipment, recently introduced the newest additions to its trash pump line. The MTP8DZV 8” Venturi dry prime trash pump and the MTP8DZD 8” diaphragm dry prime trash pump round out Generac Mobile’s trash pump line with 4,184 gpm and total dynamic head of 187 ft. Both units can handle solids up to 3.38 in. (85.9 mm) in diameter and have 110-gallon fuel tank for up to 24-hour runtime. New to the 8-inch models is an optional cutter impeller to eliminate clogs and ragging on demanding municipal bypass projects.

With the lowest suction height in the industry and Final Tier 4 engines, Generac Mobile 4, 6 and 8-inch trash pumps are designed for ultimate performance, allowing for fast and efficient high-volume dewatering projects. Generac Mobile dry prime pumps feature a durable chassis and an optional sound attenuated enclosure for quiet operation and maximum versatility that can easily go from road construction to neighborhood project.

Durable and reliable Cornell pump components mean less downtime on the job. These pumps have a Run-Dry feature to help protect against seal damage during dry operation. The LOFA 750 Controller with backlit LCD display makes operation hassle-free and has your safety in mind with an electronic stop for emergency shutdown.

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