Enerpac Introduces New SC-Series Battery Pump with ‘Enerpac Connect’ App


Enerpac, a leading industrial tools pump manufacturer, announces the new SC-Series cordless battery pump, a compact lightweight hydraulic pump. The new battery pump allows operators to undertake larger jobs in difficult to access and remote workspaces. With the ‘Enerpac Connect’ app, SC-Series pump operators can instantly access job-specific usage data for traceability and improved precision, as well as a knowledge base of tool information.

Weighing just 20.2 lbs including oil and battery, the SC-Series pump takes cordless convenience to another level while eliminating trip hazard extension cords, noise and emission producing generators. With a max. operating pressure of 10,000 psi, the pump’s high-performance Enerpac 54 Volt, 4 Ah lithium-ion battery provides substantial runtime for high-cycle, high-pressure applications.

As well as delivering the speed needed to complete applications quickly and efficiently, the high performance, brushless motor offers twice the service life of brushed motors. Moreover, the pump’s fast battery charger minimizes downtime between jobs while providing details of charge status, over-temperature and damaged battery indication.

Precision Control


When precision control of tool or cylinder advance is required, the SC-Series thumbwheel speed control can be adjusted during operation for fine incremental movement. In addition, high-precision cylinder retraction is made possible through the pump’s convenient pressure release valve.

The SC-Series pump 1.7 pint oil capacity gives operators access to a wide range of cylinders and tools. Additionally, the pump’s bladder reservoir reduces the risk of contamination and allows pump use in any position. Accessories for the SC-Series include a shoulder strap that attaches to integrated steel rings for enhanced portability, as well as an optional pendant control.

The heavy-duty pendants operate any Enerpac SC-Series pump and are easy to connect or disconnect when not in use. They feature large buttons, an over molded grip, lanyard loop and hanger magnet. Multiple seals within the pendant provide IP64 environmental protection.

Enerpac Connect

Underpinning the efficiency and competitiveness that the SC-Series pump brings to any project is the Enerpac Connect app. For the first time, operators have instant and complete access to product specifications, manuals, videos, job specific usage data, and wireless firmware updates. Accessible through convenient use of a smartphone or tablet, tool operators simply scan the QR code on the pump.

“Enerpac Connect takes the productivity and skills of SC-Series pump operators to another level. It also gives pump owners a comprehensive picture of the tool and its usage, both important factors in job safety and ensuring service delivery. Cordless and compact, we expect the SC-Series to become the ‘go-to’ pump for many users as they make full use of the Enerpac Connect Mobile App for the latest essential tool information,” says Angie Wallace, Global Product Manager, Enerpac.


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