Replacement Parts and Maintenance Product Showcase

CASE_4-in-1_Fluid-KitCase 4-in-1 Fluid Testing Kit

Case Construction Equipment just announced the release of the 4-in-1 Systemgard Fluid Analysis Kit. The preventative maintenance tool provides a picture of fluid and internal system conditions without users having to dissemble the machine. It monitors system cleanliness and filtration efficiency, which helps extend the life of the machine, reduce replacement costs and helps ensure equipment reliability and uptime. The four fluid tests that come in the pack are: engine oil analysis; coolant analysis; transmission/hydraulic oil analysis; and diesel fuel analysis.

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Ditch-Witch-Trencher-Maintenance-RT80-QUAD_192-(cut-1)Ditch Witch Orange Armor Uptime Kits

Designed to help equipment users eliminate downtime, increase productivity and preserve equipment value, the Ditch Witch Orange Armor Uptime maintenance kits make scheduled maintenance easier, more convenient and offer a 5 to 15 percent savings vs. buying the parts individually. Each kit contains air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters, spark plugs or other parts needed for scheduled maintenance specified for each machine. The larger kits also include basic wear parts and are shipped in lockable, reusable storage trunks at no additional cost to the customer.

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Caterpillar-Backhoe-KitCat Backhoe Loader Maintenance Kits

Regular maintenance of your Cat backhoe loader is essential to reduce downtime and owning and operating costs. Using Genuine Cat service parts maximizes component life and preserves your machines performance for longer life. Machine specific planned maintenance kits are available from your Cat dealer for all backhoe loader models and contain every part required to perform a full service, including: Cat approved filters and fluids; replacement seals for all serviced components and fluid connections; application specific grease to minimize wear of pin joints and bearings; and where required, a scheduled oil sampling (SOS) kit.

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Bobcat-Maintenance-KitBobcat Maintenance Kits for M-Series Loaders

Performing regular maintenance can greatly improve the value of compact equipment over time. To better assist customers and protect their equipment investment, Bobcat Co. is now offering Maintenance Kits for its entire M-Series skid steer and compact track loader line. Each kit includes quality air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters, which help reduce contaminants that can enter internal components within the machine. Following the included service schedule for engine filter, oil filter and hydraulic filter changes helps prevent downtime and increase the machine’s long-term durability and performance.

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Camso-CO_Bell_Sprocket_Angle-4866_RGBCamso Track Loader Sprockets

Track maintenance is vitally important to your compact track loader’s performance, cost and uptime. Its tracks and the complete undercarriage should be fully inspected at every maintenance interval. As a leading supplier of OEM and aftermarket tracks, Camso has been studying track life and the causes of track failures for many years, and now Camso’s branded compact track loader sprockets feature OEM-grade hardening, precision construction sprockets for track loader owners; plus, Camso servicing dealers can usually supply them at less cost than OEM parts. These sprockets are readily available from Camso dealers in a range of six sizes for the most popular models of all top track loader brands and are warranted for 1,100 hours.

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Doosan-AirendsDoosan Airends

Doosan provides proprietary airends for industrial applications with an initial product offering of three models — the DSN275, DSN686 and HR350. Doosan ensures a market leading product that will deliver on performance and profitability with over five years of design development and validation and a substantial multi-million dollar investment in machinery. Distribution of these innovative airends is handled through an extensive global Doosan network. Key Doosan airend features include things like strategically placed instrumentation access ports, which allow for ease of package implementation, and oil connection porting with SAE O-rings, which are leak proof and can accommodate both standard and metric sizing.

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Perkins-Oil-(sidebar)Engines Benefit from Perkins Diesel Engine Oil

Perkins new diesel engine oil (DEO) has been formulated specifically for the long operating life and performance of Perkins engines. This unique engine oil is comprised of a mix of additives, designed specifically to prevent the buildup of conditions which can impair the oil performance, reduce operating life and potentially damage engine components. “We’ve created Perkins DEO to provide unbeatable protection and unrivalled engine performance, and the results have been proven in elevated condition testing,” said Julian Wood, product marketing manager at Perkins, service and maintenance products. Made up of three base oils that deliver the right viscosity across the working temperature ranges, Perkins DEO includes a combination of 12 beneficial additives, such as:

• Viscosity stabilizers to ensure a long and stable operating life.
• Dispersants and detergents to prevent the buildup of sludge and ash.
• Anti-wear agents and friction modifiers to ensure good lubrication and prevent wear.

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