A Quick Tires and Tracks Showcase for Earth-Moving Equipment

Roll Call

Camso-(TLH-732_Side-View)Camso Telehandler Tires

Two new next generation telehandler tires from Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, set new standards for stability, traction and resistance to damage. Advanced rubber compounds increase the resilience and wear life of both models. The directional tread pattern of the TLH 732 tire focuses on providing aggressive traction in soft soils. The non-directional tread pattern of the TLH 753 offers increased abrasion resistance for operation on mixed and hard surfaces. Both of these second generation products will phase out the Solideal SL G2 and SL G3 respectively. Similar to Camso’s newly launched skid steer tire lineup, the sidewall design of both new TLH products have an enhanced impact guard that reverses the traditional tire profile to deflect objects and debris away from the tire.

For more info, visit camso.co.

MWEHybridTrackStudioMWE Compact Excavator Hybrid Track System

The MWE Hybrid Track System allows users to move away from the traditional rubber track, while gaining track life, with the combination of steel and rubber that provides the longest wearing option with the benefits of each type of track. The system’s chains and internal components of the pads are built using high-quality, heat treated steel for maximum wear. MWE’s hybrid pads combine this steel and molded rubber to form a quick and easy change, with only a single pad and four bolts, which bolt directly to the track chain. MWE is a gold standard when it comes to high-quality tracks. The company specializes in tracks for compact track loaders, mini excavators, pavers and over-the-tire track systems.

For more info, visit tracksandtires.com.

Michelin-bib-tire-studioMichelin Bibload Hard Surface Tire

The Michelin Bibload Hard Surface tire offers a specialized option for compact loaders, backhoes and telescopic equipment on asphalt and other solid surface applications. Featuring radial construction, steel belts and reinforced casing for puncture resistance, it is designed to carry out a large number of lateral, longitudinal and transversal movements on hard, wet and even snow-covered surfaces. To meet these performance challenges, Michelin developed robust sidewalls and an innovative, multi-directional tread design with a diamond-shaped tread pattern made up of beveled blocks. The diamond pattern provides more contact with the road surface than a bar based tread pattern for optimal traction and a smoother ride. Available in 10 sizes, the Michelin Bibload Hard Surface offers greater longevity thanks to its deep tread pattern.

For more info, visit MichelinAg.com.

Yokohama-(YTC-OTR-RT41)Yokohama RT41

Yokohama Tire Corp.’s unique technology provides one of the industry’s toughest and most durable products available. The RT41 utilizes multi-layer, cross-ply steel belt packages, paired with one of the industry’s best buttress sidewall protection packages in the category. The combination of these technologies along with the choice of CP (Cut Protective) and CPUG (Cut Protective Underground) compounding, allows the RT41 to deliver superior performance and stability across a wide range of surfaces. And as you’d expect from Yokohama, the RT41’s advanced composition ensures outstanding wear, low heat generation and cut resistance for a long-lasting tire. The RT41 is available in: 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25 for either loaders (L-4) or articulated dump trucks and scrapers (E-4).

For more info, visit yokohamatire.com.

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