Michelin Launches New Tweel for UTVs (These Are Airless Radials that Don’t Go Flat)

The new 26X11N14 Michelin Tweel UTV tire, which will commonly be used in landscaping, construction, and rental fleets, is designed to carry heavier loads. It is 2.8 inches wider and has an increased carrying capacity of a hefty 608 lbs, (85%) more than the 26X9N14 current model. This increase allows customers to fully load their UTVs without exceeding the load capacity of the Tweel.

“This new line of Tweels expands our coverage even more for the construction, landscaping and rental fleet markets,” said Tony Marconi, business director of Michelin Tweel Technologies. “The success of the Tweel product line has been amazing, and we know this latest offering will continue to help our customers become even more productive and manage their operating costs with even more efficiency.”

Available in five SKUs, the new wide-based rear fitment model is offered in five different bolt patterns to allow fitting for a wide variety of UTVs. It also boasts additional load capacity from the current Michelin Tweel (26X9N14) up from 715 lbs. per tire to 1323 lbs. per tire with a speed rating compatible with the current 26X9N14 model of 62 mph.

“This new size is needed for many current UTVs in service today,” said Marconi. “This gives us more side-by-side market coverage and can carry the heavy loads to do the type of work they are intended to do.”

Designed to perform like pneumatic tires, the Michelin Tweel UTV 26X11N14 airless radial tire line replaces the current tire-and-wheel assembly, removes the need for complex mounting equipment, and eliminates any costly downtime due to flat tires, a key pain point in the targeted industries.

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