Michelin Expands Airless Radial Turf Product Line

meangreenrivalwithtweelandelectrichub jpg-305233-originalMichelin North America Inc., recently added to the portfolio of its TWEEL airless radial line. At the Green Industry Expo last week in Louisville, Ky., Michelin showcased three new TURF products coming to the prosumer and commercial zero-turn radius (ZTR) line.

New TURF products

  • New 15-in. ZTR caster design for larger commercial diesel mowers
  • New 22-in. TURF size ZTR mowers for the prosumer market
  • New hub for electric ZTR mowers made by Mean Green

To accompany large diesel ZTR mowers that use a 26-in. drive tire, the new 15-in. MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF Caster will make its debut in 2020. The new 15x6N6 size configuration is designed to provide enhanced performance and more stability with its flat, smooth-rubber tread design and is able to fit a large range of mowers, including the John Deere Z997R Diesel. The tire has a load capacity of 370 lbs and a 16-mph speed rating.

ZTR mower operators will be able to buy the MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF airless solution using 22-in., rear tire/wheels with 4×4 or 5×4.5-in. bolt-pattern hubs for their prosumer mowers in the first quarter of 2020. The 4×4-in. bolt pattern has a 529-pound load capacity, while the 4×5.4-inch bolt pattern has a 727-pound load capacity. Available on original equipment or aftermarket, the 22-in., black-hub version will fit:

  • Bad Boy Elite (4×4)
  • Grasshopper 700 series (5×4.5)
  • Hustler Raptor SDX & FasTrac (4×4)
  • Kubota SZ Stand-On & Z100 (4×4)

“We continue work with commercial mower manufacturers to supply the TWEEL no-compromise solution for larger and heavier commercial mowers as well as smaller mowers for the prosumer market. As a result, we are expanding Michelin’s award-winning airless solutions for the turf community,” said Justin L. Brock, Michelin marketing manager for the construction and Tweel segment in North America.

Exclusively designed for customers who use the Mean Green Rival mower with 52-in. or 60-in. mower-deck options, Michelin has engineered a new electric-motor, green-wheel hub for 24x12N12 turf tires. The hub will have a 5×6.5-in. bolt pattern and a 1.70-in. offset and will be available starting in the second quarter of 2020.

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