Manitou Americas Introduces XPRT Genuine Parts Maintenance Kits for Gehl and Mustang Brand Equipment

Xpert maintenance kit manitouManitou Americas Inc. recently introduced XPRT Genuine Parts maintenance kits for Gehl and Mustang compact equipment. The maintenance kits are specifically designed with the XPRT Genuine Parts required to perform the recommended routine maintenance.

The maintenance kits include the exact filters necessary to perform the recommended routine service maintenance. A typical filter kit includes components such as air filters, an engine oil filter, fuel filters, hydraulic oil filters, transmission filters, and cabin air filters if necessary.

“The creation of maintenance kits for Gehl and Mustang branded machines demonstrates our commitment to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers”, said David Harrison, Director of After Sales, Manitou Americas, Inc. “By creating the maintenance kits, we’ve made it easier and less expensive for our customers to perform the routine scheduled maintenance on their compact equipment; now only one part numbers is necessary to perform scheduled maintenance at any given interval. Completing routine maintenance increases the resale value which is the number one driver of TCO.”

The maintenance kits also offer up to a 10 percent cost savings by purchasing one kit rather than each of the kit components separately. XPRT Genuine Parts maintenance kits can be purchased at any authorized Gehl or Mustang dealership.

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