Shine On: Keep Projects Bright with These Top Portable Light Tower Products

Chicago Pneumatic LEDChicago Pneumatic LED

Chicago Pneumatic is promoting the CPLT V5+ HiLight LED light tower in its lineup that features a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy for rugged durability and is designed to withstand the most extreme elements and working conditions. The canopy coupled with the light tower’s compact size, ease of transportation, safety features and lighting performance makes the CPLT V5+ a great solution on any jobsite. It can be used in a wide range of applications and industries. The CPLT V5+ offers high performance and luminosity with four LED lamps that are 350 W each. With a 28-gal fuel tank, the new light tower is capable of 150 hours of operation with all four lamps before refueling. For more info, visit

Larson Electronics MegaTowerLarson Electronics MegaTower

The Larson Electronics MegaTower with gen set (WCDE-11-PLM50-16X500LTL-LED) is a complete LED lighting solution for busy construction sites, outdoor events, remote operations, industrial services and more. Capable of reaching heights up to 58 ft via a seven-stage pneumatic mast, the light tower features 16 500-W LED lamps with flood beam configurations at 100- to 277-V AC. With a combined total lumen output of 960,000 lumens and IP67 waterproof protection, the robust luminaries are designed to replace outdated 1,000-W metal halide light plants. The 11-kW gen set comes with a 110-gal fuel tank for up to 43 hours of continuous operation. For more info, visit

Atlas Copco’s HiLight Atlas Copco’s HiLight

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment’s HiLight V5+ minimizes operational costs with its fuel-efficient operation and long-lasting LED bulbs. For example, contractors with a fleet of 200 light towers can save as many as 600 bulbs each year when switching from metal-halide light towers to the HiLight V5+. The metal-halide model, HiLight V4, features four floodlights to give contractors a dependable light source for a variety of jobsites. Both models are lightweight, compact and feature Atlas Copco’s exclusive HardHat canopy for extreme durability in rugged applications, such as construction and roadbuilding. For more info, visit

Generac Magnum’s PLT240 LINKTowerGenerac Magnum’s PLT240 LINKTower

The PLT240 LINKTower is a new and unique breed of light tower from Generac Magnum. Powered by standard 120-V shore power, LINKTower is extremely cost effective to operate and produces zero harmful emissions for safe use indoors and out. As the name suggests, users can link two LINKTowers together on a single power source for versatility and convenience. And, if utility power is unavailable, LINKTower can be powered by a portable generator. LINKTower’s silent operation makes it ideal for locations in which sound is a major consideration. Four 240-W LED lights provide instant on lighting. For more info, visit

Terex RL4 Compact Standard Duty TowersTerex RL4 Compact Standard Duty Towers

The Terex RL4 is a durable, cost-effective solution for jobsite lighting. The 23-ft extended-height floodlight tower provides 4,000 W of light, and 359-degree, non-continuous tower rotation allows for pinpoint light positioning. The compact size of the RL4 enables transportation of up to 17 units per truck, maximizing freight dollars. Designed to help get the job done on time and on budget, this model offers the right combination of capabilities and value. Other cool features include: 4,000 W of light from 4 1,000-W metal halide lamps; reliable Kohler engine and 6-kW generator; fuel-efficient operation with up to 90 hours of run time and a 45-gal tank. For more info, visit

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