DMI-LT’s New Portable Light Tower Uses 16 LEDs to Provide 98 Uninterrupted Hours of Light

DMI-LT, a leading manufacturer of portable industrial lighting, has launched Xtreme 16-LED, a portable, 16-module LED light tower that provides approximately 10 acres of perfect, workable visibility for 98 uninterrupted hours. The innovative product emits 960,000 lumens, nearly four times more light than the traditional four-panel light tower, offering a solution for construction sites that demand around-the-clock illumination and maximum coverage.

“Portable lighting has become a jobsite staple — it protects against loss of work due to sudden weather conditions and power outages, and it increases visibility of dangerous machinery, uneven footing and other jobsite hazards,” said DMI-LT General Manager Patrick Crawford. “Engineered and built for remote, rugged areas without access to electricity, Xtreme 16-LED gives construction managers peace of mind knowing the job will stay on schedule.”

The 14,000-pound product is ideal for a range of industries including electrical, petroleum, chemical, power and refining, as well as nuclear waste sites, mines, farms and military defense sites. Its galvanized, heavy-duty, tube-steel telescopic mast can withstand wind speeds of 40 mph, and its rotatable LED panels can endure extreme weather conditions including excessive precipitation, humidity, snow and freeze.

The light tower sits on a 20’8”-by-8′ 5” double-axle, road-worthy trailer equipped with electric brakes and a coupler hitch for easy hauling to both remote and conventional locations. Traveling at a height of 11 feet, Xtreme 16-LED meets the U.S. Department of Transportation’s vertical clearance standards for interstate, urban and rural travel.

Other key specifications include: weather-tight electrical box with only two switches for quick-and-easy operation; 12-kilowatt diesel generator with an approximate 66-gallon fuel capacity; 0.67 gallon-per-hour fuel consumption; sophisticated hydraulic system to tilt, raise and lower mast and six outriggers to provide support and leveling capabilities in areas with uneven ground condition.

Xtreme 16-LED is available for purchase and for rent. For more information, please visit

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