Mulching Expert FAE Will Sponsor the Midwest Sportsmen Classic in Indiana Feb. 15-17

FAE brush cutter on a compact track loader

FAE USA Inc. will attend the Midwest Sportsmen Classic in Shipshewana, Indiana, February 15-17. FAE will be bringing six of its most innovative models, including mulching heads, a PTO soil tiller, and a remote-controlled tracked carrier. FAE will also be the title sponsor of the event and eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet with the valued dealers and end-users of the Midwest region.

Among the machines on display at the Midwest Sportsmen Classic will be the SSL/ST forestry tiller, a Patrizio mulcher for tractors, the UML/SSL Sonic mulcher for skid steers, a BL1/SSL mulcher for skid steers, and an RCU-55 remote-controlled tracked carrier.

FAE is particularly eager to showcase its Sonic calibration technology at the show. Sonic technology, found on the UML/SSL Sonic mulcher for skid steers, constantly adjusts rotor speed and torque to achieve a 30% boost to efficiency. This boost to efficiency has made FAE’s Sonic technology a standout in the industry. The BL1/SSL, another mulcher for skid steers, features FAE’s Bite Limiter technology. FAE Bite Limiter heads use wear resistant steel profiles to limit the reach of teeth. This cuts down on power demand and promotes a consistent working speed, reducing fuel consumption and work stoppages from rotor stalling.  

The SSL/ST and Patrizio will represent FAE’s range of tractor attachments at the show. The SSL/ST is the smallest in FAE’s line of forestry tillers. Its compact size makes it extremely versatile, able to fit a wide range of tractors. This versatility makes it an excellent option for a number of tasks, including plantation and crop maintenance, orchard maintenance and restoration, agricultural reclamation, and soil mixing. The other tractor attachment, the Patrizio, is FAE’s small mulcher for tractors. It mulches tree branches and bushes up to 6 inches in diameter and features Bite Limiter technology like the BL1/SSL. In addition, it features adjustable and interchangeable bolted skids and two rows of counter blades for fine, even mulching.

FAE remote control brush cutter

The final machine, the RCU-55, is one of FAEs most discussed models. This unit, the smaller of FAE’s two remote-controlled tracked carriers, is rated for inclines of up to 55°. Ideal for roadside maintenance and overgrowth cleanup around bodies of water, FAE RCU machines keep operators at a safe distance without requiring work on uneven terrain. With their extreme flexibility and the quality and power that FAE is known for, FAEs RCUs are proving to be a revolutionary addition to FAEs range of mulching and forestry equipment.

FAE is excited for the opportunity to present these machines and to discuss their benefits with the dealers and users at the Midwest Sportsmen Classic.


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