DICA Expands in the Rental Sector, Exhibits at The ARA Show this February

DICA SlatTrax Dual Spool Retrieval

DICA, the industry-leading provider of high-performance outrigger pads and ground protection products, will be exhibiting for the first time at the 2024 ARA Show, February 18-21, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 1998 DICA has been creating engineered solutions for improving equipment stability and ergonomic safety for users of cranes, MEWPs, boom trucks and bucket trucks, and other outrigger-enabled equipment.

DICA’s innovative products enable safe setup and peace of mind for contractors, and complement equipment found in construction and event rental fleets with solutions that increase customer productivity. Find out how DICA’s equipment setup solutions can help rental companies increase add-on rental revenue at Booth #1368.

Ground Protection

DICA SlatTrax Cat track loader going over tracks

At the show, DICA introduces SlatTrax to the rental market. The hydraulic or manually deployed ground protection roadway virtually eliminates manual labor by reducing the number of crew members needed to prepare or exit a site. Once in place, SlatTrax provides a stable and reliable surface for vehicles and equipment such as compact loaders, telehandlers, or boom trucks to travel on while preventing equipment from getting stuck and causing ruts. 

In addition, DICA announces the debut of MaxiTrack, a heavy-duty ground protection and site access solution to the North American market. The modular design interlocks to create a rigid surface that effectively distributes the weight of wheeled or tracked equipment weighing up to 130 tons.

TuffTrak XL Access Mats are multi-purpose heavy-duty ground protection and access mats designed for extra-wide applications and are capable of supporting mobile cranes, bucket trucks, dozers, wheel loaders, and similar types of equipment on wheels or tracks. Weighing 794 lbs. each, the 13 ft. 6 in. wide mats are nearly 7 ft. long and are installed mechanically. This durable mat has a load-bearing capacity of 150 tons, making it the perfect solution for heavy construction, fracking, oil and gas, wind and solar farms, and electrical transmission applications. They are also chemically inert to reduce the possibility of cross-site contamination.

Equipment Support  

DICA SafetyTech Pad Family

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads deliver superior strength, stiffness, and toughness in a lightweight package. SafetyTech products are available in Medium, Heavy, and Super Duty for use with equipment such as MEWPs, trailers, service trucks, concrete pump trucks, and knuckleboom cranes.

Sliding Shoe and Cavity Pad Plus will be showcased from the company’s Special Duty product line. SafetyTech Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads are specifically designed for equipment with multi-position and self-leveling outriggers, like those found on mini cranes and portable track lifts. Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads help to solve the unique challenges operators face when setting up this type of equipment, increasing job site productivity. DICA’s Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads allow for the outrigger feet to easily slide without resistance and without damaging the surface. Stop blocks on the sides and ends of the pads securely hold the Sliding Shoe Pad on the outrigger foot while operating.

Cavity Pad Plus is a stabilizer pad with an inverted footbrake, which helps prevent the foot escape. It is designed for aerial lifts and digger derricks.

All SafetyTech pads are waterproof and resistant to degradation caused by UV light, hydraulic fluids, and road chemicals. Patented TuffGrip Handles make SafetyTech pads easy to lift and place. The high visibility of yellow or orange on DICA’s Hi-Viz 18”x18” and 24”x24” SafetyTech Outrigger Pads provides a clear visual reminder to think and act safely, helps to reduce trip hazards, and is a reminder to re-stow pads when the job is done.

Engineered Cribbing

DICA ProStack SlotLock Cribbing Blocks

ProStack Cribbing Blocks give operators the safety, stability, and versatility to gain needed cribbing height in unlevel conditions. The blocks can also be used in static load applications DICA’s patented TuffGrip® Handles make them easy to handle, even when wearing gloves.

ProStack Slot Lock Cribbing Blocks use a slot and flange system to stack and lock together. The 18” x 18” blocks weigh 30 pounds each. The setup of a SafetyTech Outrigger Pad and two Slot Lock blocks has a 100,000 lb. working load limit and a maximum allowable pressure of 500 psi. ProStack Pyramid Lock Cribbing Blocks are slightly heavier and larger — supporting outrigger feet up to 24” x 24”. When integrated with a SafetyTech Outrigger Pad, two Pyramid Lock blocks have a 110,000 working load limit. The blocks weigh 55 pounds each and each block adds 6 in. of stacking height.

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