Bobcat Highlighted Sustainability and Its Electric Track Loader at bauma Forum Presentation

bauma is a giant construction tradeshow in Munich, Germany, that only happens every three years. It’s an event where manufacturers showcase their coolest equipment. Bobcat Co., a leader in global compact equipment, disrupted the industry earlier this year with the introduction of the world’s first all-electric compact track loader — the Bobcat T7X. Doosan Bobcat Vice President of Global Innovation Joel Honeyman took to the bauma Forum stage in Munich last week to take a deeper look at this electric innovation and discuss the benefits of electric operations for the industry.

Honeyman’s presentation, “Leading the Charge: Bobcat T7X Transforming the Jobsite with Sustainable Solutions,” highlighted the development of the T7X, as a solution to the question: “Can we create a work machine that can be more productive and powerful and fulfill sustainability needs?”

“The T7X compact track loader is a technological feat for Bobcat and the industry,” said Honeyman. “Operators who drive these machines are excited about the exceptional power, response time and performance that matches or exceeds the diesel machines they are accustomed to operating, but with no emissions and quiet operation.”

The all-electric compact track loader fulfills various customer needs — from offering a more environmentally friendly product that produces zero emissions while at the same time providing operators increased power and performance by delivering full torque at any time.

“The obvious benefit of the T7X is the fact that it produces zero emissions,” Honeyman said. “The additional benefits that operators may not immediately realize is the machine is built for power and ultra-quiet comfort.”

Honeyman shared during his presentation that the T7X will provide up to 80kW of power — the equivalent of 107 hp — to the drive, lift and tilt functions. Additionally, the T7X doesn’t experience lugging common to diesel engines and requires no recovery time. This machine is fully battery-powered, eliminating the need for hydraulics and is equipped to outperform its diesel counterparts. The resulting operating costs of the T7X platform is one tenth that of its diesel hydraulic equivalent machine.

Depending on the application, the battery can provide up to four hours of continuous operation or longer during intermittent use on the jobsite — enabling a full workday of use. After a recharge with a common 220V outlet, the T7X is ready to do the tough jobs all over again.  

Honeyman, along with Bobcat Director of Innovation Accelerated Matt Sagaser, will also take the stage at CONEXPO-CON/AGG on March 14, 2023 to detail the company’s electric innovations, bust electric equipment myths, and share how electric equipment is a viable solution across worksites.

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