AriensCo Wraps Up 8,500-mile Road Show to Equipment Dealers Across the Country

Homeowner and commercial outdoor power equipment users can expect high levels of service from their local, independently-owned and operated Ariens and Gravely dealerships with the completion of the 2023 AriensCo Road Show. AriensCo, a 90-year, Wisconsin-based manufacturer of Ariens and Gravely equipment, recently visited hundreds of dealers across the nation for a series of meetings. At each stop, the company shared business updates, introduced innovative new products, reviewed programs, and launched Henry’s Parts and Equipment, a new will-fit aftermarket parts brand.

By highlighting business development tools available to a nationwide network of well-equipped and expertly trained dealers, customers are better served downstream.

“We commit to serving our dealer customers and our end-user customers,” said AriensCo president and COO Nicholas Ariens. “Whereas others might think of the dealer as a pipeline to the customer, our philosophy is that dealers are a customer. We give them the products and tools that allow them to provide exceptional service and positive experiences to their customers. Everyone wins in that scenario.”

Road Show locations were strategic, spreading across 11 U.S. cities in regions accessible to most dealers. Starting with Brillion, Wisconsin, on Sept. 21, the tour continued to Park City, Utah; Kansas City, Missouri; Cincinnati; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Atlanta; Orlando, Florida; Gulf Shores, Alabama; Dallas; King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; and ended in Northborough, Massachusetts, on Nov. 16.

The Road Show welcomed nearly 600 dealers and their employees. The open invitation created opportunities to forge new friendships and open new communication lines that dealers can use to share important feedback. It also allowed the marketing team to capture fascinating stories and perspectives through a series of interviews.

“By bringing the show to our dealers, we build long-lasting relationships and provide meaningful experiences with helpful takeaways to a large population of dealers,” said Ariens. “But it’s mutually beneficial, too. Meeting with a diverse pool of dealers gives us a stronger understanding for their needs to help guide future product and program development.”

Education was also a fundamental component of the Road Show. New product presentations explained how new equipment addresses user needs, and guests got to drive the new equipment on a demo site at each location. New sales and learning and development programs were also featured to expand awareness for resources AriensCo offers to its dealers.

Jeff Youngblood, owner of Tools for a Time in Jacksonville, Florida, expressed how those can improve dealership efficiencies and enhance customer service.

“The huge takeaway today was probably the ability to train [dealership employees] online,” said Youngblood. “You can take someone who knows nothing of the industry and help train them through the videos on how to sell the equipment, repair the equipment, and order the equipment.”

Dealers also visited with the AriensCo Marketing Team and retail finance partners to learn how their programs can be used to earn more business. For instance, tailored advertising solutions that help bring new customers into dealerships, and financing options that offer low monthly payments to help more customers buy a new lawn mower or snow blower when they need it.

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