These Cool Construction Long Tapes from Crescent Lufkin Are Here to Save Your Knuckles

Construction workers and contractors will tell you that dealing with pain is something that just comes with the job. That doesn’t mean it has to come with the tool. Construction long tapes are notorious for being uncomfortable and often end up busting the user’s knuckles when rewinding. That’s why Crescent Lufkin revamped its design to create the new Steel Construction Long Tapes, protecting the hands that use them while getting the job done.

“A lot of pros we talked to just went in knowing that when they used a long tape, their knuckles might get beat up,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, product manager for Crescent Lufkin. “We listened and we created a better design that keeps hands out of harm’s way without giving up on performance.”

The Steel Construction Long Tapes feature a rugged over-mold casing that surrounds the tape for greater protection and unmatched durability. Also, the built-in tether points allow for working at height without fear of dropping the tape.

An extra wide, dual-sided end hook increases surface area for a strong grip. Meanwhile, the dual-prong system folds up or down, allowing the user to utilize both sides of the blade. The crank is ergonomically designed with a. built-in stop that allows the crank to travel above the user’s fingers during retraction. The 3:1 rewind ratio provides a fast, controlled mechanism, and the seated handle protects the crank assembly during storage.

The Crescent Lufkin Steel Construction Long Tapes are available in 100-foot (ST100-07) and 50-foot (ST50-07) options, both with SAE and metric markings.