Miller Introduces the Next-Generation Bobcat 230 and 265

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC just announced the release of two new models in its Bobcat engine-driven welder lineup. The new Bobcat 265 and Bobcat 230 provide dependable welding and auxiliary power for a wide variety of applications — in machines that are more than 100 lbs lighter and 13 percent smaller than previous models. The engine-driven welders are available in multiple configurations to best meet an operation’s needs. 

“The new Bobcat engine-driven welders deliver industry-exclusive benefits that maximize efficiency and make setup and use easier for operators of all skill levels,” says Brian Bellile, product manager, Miller. “At the same time, customers can still expect the same legendary reliability they have come to know from the Bobcat name.”  

The new Bobcat 265 delivers added capabilities to take on more jobs and a new user interface to help save time. 

  • Auto-Set technology makes weld parameter setup fast, easy and accurate for all operators. 
  • An advanced, independent welder and generator power system ensures no interaction between the welding arc and jobsite tools. Weld quality is increased, and jobsite tools can run without interruption. 
  • Multiprocess welder delivers improved weld quality for all processes, helping operators complete quality welds every time. 
  • A direct spool gun connection makes it quick and easy to connect spool guns for welding aluminum. 
  • Available battery charge/crank assist eliminates the need to carry a stand-alone battery charger on trucks. 
  • ArcReach technology allows operators to change parameters at the weld joint without walking back to the machine — so they get more work done and have less exposure to jobsite hazards — and the digital user interface makes operation faster and uncomplicated.
  • Easily connect 240-volt tools with no adapter required. 

In addition, the Bobcat 265 can easily connect to telematics systems and provides data visibility to ensure maintenance happens on time to optimize machine performance. The new user interface shows maintenance screens and can provide alerts for upcoming tasks like oil, filter or generator brush changes, while productivity screens make it easy to monitor engine usage and weld process data. 

The Bobcat 265 is also equipped with Remote Start/Stop technology, which allows operators to easily shut off the engine and turn it back on without walking back to the machine, saving time and fuel while reducing jobsite noise. 

The new Bobcat 230 delivers dependable performance, now with even higher arc quality for 7018 and 6010 stick electrodes, plus easier operation.  

  • A simple, one-knob user interface makes setting and viewing amperage and voltage easier, faster and more accurate. 
  • Operators can use 240-volt tools without an adapter. 
  • Because the welder and generator power system are independent, there is no interaction between the weld arc and jobsite tools for improved weld quality and reduced rework. Power spikes and other electrical imperfections are virtually eliminated, so jobsite tools can run without interruption. 
  • A digital fuel gauge features color indicators and provides maintenance alerts. 

All models of the new Bobcat 265 and Bobcat 230 machines provide lighter weight and a smaller design, making it easier to move them on jobsites and freeing up payload space, allowing crews to carry more equipment on their trucks.

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