Lincoln Electric Offers VR Welding Training Experience with VRTEX Series


Leading welding equipment company elevates standard of welding performance

Lincoln Electric recently introduced some innovations in virtual reality arc welding simulators, VRTEX. The products provide a powerful, cutting-edge solution for cultivating welding talent quickly and resourcefully. From superior graphics creating the most realistic and responsive welding puddles available, to exceptionally accurate sounds and movements, what can be learned virtually with VRTEX seamlessly transfers into real-world, hands-on welding training.

Exclusive to the Lincoln Electric, the VRTEX now offers a dual user option. This lowers the cost per student and creates a more effective use of the training budget dollars. In addition, the product line includes a full immersion VR headset. The user is fully immersed in the environment, allowing for realistic views and sounds. VRTEX® is a popular choice among welding educators to help diagnose issues, develop skills and train welders in a variety of situations and orientations. VRTEX teaches welders of varying skill levels to weld using the most common welding processes and materials.

The full VRTEX product family includes:

  • VRTEX 360+ (Dual User)
  • VRTEX 360 Single User (Single User)
  • VRTEX Transport + (Dual User)
  • VRTEX Transport (Single User)
  • VRTEX Engage

The VRTEX series is a realistic and valuable welding training experience. With demos of successful welds and a system to track and score key weld parameters, VRTEX® provides a life-like welding experience that replicates the real thing. The systems also provide lessons on safety, machine setup and measurement to set the welder up for success in the shop. The intuitive software program is designed to bridge welding curriculum with hands-on training and encourages more consistent feedback than traditional training, all while reducing welding costs.

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