Lincoln Electric Launches Sprinter 180Si Stick Welder

Lincoln Electric Sprinter180si welder

Lincoln Electric recently introduced the Sprinter 180Si stick welder. This versatile machine delivers superior arc performance for stick welding combined with advanced TIG functionality, all wrapped up in a portable, lightweight package, thanks to the newest inverter technology. The 180Si is designed with a maximum output of 180 amps to enable exceptional stick welding quality. Operators can weld up to 5/32-inch electrodes (6010/7018) and can even choose a dedicated 6010 mode for cellulosic stick electrodes. 

But the 180Si is more than just a stick welder. It also delivers 200 amps for TIG welding and offers a variety of advanced TIG features: 

  • Pulse mode with options ranging from .1-100 pulses per second 
  • A choice of high-frequency or lift start options at the push of a button 
  • TIG-ready capabilities with an 8-pin connector for foot pedals, hand amptrols and other devices  

The 180Si is also portable and versatile. Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, it goes anywhere easily and the dual-input voltage enables the operator to plug into any common power supply. Once it’s up and running, the simple user interface provides an easy-to-read seven-segment display and easy push-button controls. And it all packs up neatly in an ergonomically designed case with a handle and shoulder strap that make it easier to carry and move — around the shop or to any location. 

Stick or TIG, in the shop or on the move, the Sprinter 180Si is ideal for welders of every kind — home hobbyist, professional, or both. And it’s ready for every type of work — maintenance and repair, farm, light industrial, shipbuilding and more. 

Get out and run with the Sprinter 180Si stick welder. For more information about Lincoln Electric’s Sprinter 180Si welder, visit

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