Harness the power of two with the new Dual Maverick 200/200X engine driven welder/generator from Lincoln Electric. This innovative multiple arc welder/generator features two welders powered by one diesel engine with dual welding outputs, allowing two or more welders to work at the same time in structural, pipeline and maintenance and repair applications.

With optimized operations for the most efficient weld, the Dual Maverick 200/200X offers minimized engine noise for a quieter experience. Welders can also achieve more fuel savings with variable engine RPM based on welding output level and auto stop/start functionality. The output remains steady even during arc stops and starts in dual mode.

Dual Maverick 200/200X includes an advanced user interface for ease of use. The intuitive interface provides easy setup, a low learning curve and increased functionality, while maintenance reminders help keep your machine running in peak performance. These advancements are utilized through two bright and clear 4.3-in. IP67 rated color LCD screens, making them weatherproof and functional.

Walk less and weld more with CrossLinc technology enabled in the Dual Maverick 200/200X. The technology offers full control of output at the arc without cumbersome and expensive control cables. This elimination can increase worker productivity by reducing trips to the power source, and promotes overall site safety by reducing jobsite clutter. The convenient and easy-to-use technology also helps improve consistency in weld quality. The product also direct connects with the Magnum PRO 250LX GT spool gun.

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