Lincoln Electric Launches New Activ8X with CrossLinc Technology

Active8X wire feeder with CrossLinc TechnologyWire Feeder System Improves Shipyard and Construction Site Safety, Quality and Productivity

Lincoln Electric recently launched the new Activ8X with CrossLinc Technology. Ideal for the shipyard or construction site, this portable, semiautomatic wire feeder allows users to activate their shipbuilding, offshore or construction operations with safety, quality and productivity.

The Activ8X was designed with the user in mind. Understanding the need for durability on the jobsite, engineers included Field Armor for added protection. The impact-resistant, flame-retardant case provides rugged durability for tough conditions, while the Potted PC Boards protect from moisture and corrosion. The product is also complete with a Maxtrac Wire Drive System, a heavy-duty cast aluminum wire drive system that provides reliable feeding and durability, and tachometer feedback to ensure accurate wire feed speed.

Small enough to fit through manways and light enough to carry throughout the worksite, the Activ8X wire feeder also allows remote control of the power source without the need for control cables via CrossLinc Technology. This includes True Voltage Technology (TVT) which ensures users get the desired voltage set at the arc, even from hundreds of feet away from the power source, and automatically compensates for voltage drops across long welding cables.

The Activ8X wire feeder will work with any CV or CC power source as a simple, across-the-arc feeder. However, when paired together with a CrossLinc Technology compatible power source, communication will be established, and welding output is controlled from the feeder without control cables. CrossLinc Technology compatible feeders and power sources from Lincoln electric carry an X in their name, such as the “Activ8X” or “Flextec 350X.”

CrossLinc with True Voltage Technology (TVT) improves all aspects of operation. By reducing jobsite clutter and the unnecessary movement of personnel across jobsites, eliminating unintentional machine adjustments and trips to the power source, and minimizing rework with easy adjustment settings, the Activ8X improves safety, quality and productivity on the worksite.

As the lightest construction feeder on the market today, the Activ8X wire feeder is compact enough for any worksite. The system accepts up to 8 in. (203 mm) diameter wire spools.

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