Holiday Idea: Cat Phones and Teledyne FLIR Release Thermal Imaging SDK for Cat S62 Pro

Bullitt Group, the global licensee for Cat phones, recently announced the availability of a software development kit (SDK) for its flagship Cat S62 Pro rugged smartphone. This enables third party app developers to make use of the professional-grade thermal imaging camera within their own Android applications. 

The Cat S62 Pro is the most advanced thermal imaging smartphone available, powered by the highest resolution FLIR Lepton sensor and the MyFLIR Pro app from Teledyne FLIR. Its feature-rich toolset enables developers to bring unrivalled thermal imaging functionality to their own mobile apps. Thermal imaging gives anyone the power to visualize heat energy, which provides the ability to see through obscurants and even in total darkness and measure surface temperature. 

“Our thermal imaging phones are used in thousands of scenarios, from checking for machinery faults, overheating components, leaking pipework, poorly-fitted insulation, and overloaded circuitry, to monitoring equipment, identifying heat sources, and spotting animals or people in the dark,” said Tim Shepherd, Senior Director – Applications at Bullitt Group. “We have received many requests from customers to allow them to bring thermal imaging to their own line-of-business apps, and so we are excited to be making this SDK available and to see what new and innovative use cases our customers and third-party developers come up with.”

FLIR Mobile SDK allows developers to invoke many of the market-leading features that the make the device such a powerful and versatile tool. There are tools to bring clarity and context to thermal images, using Teledyne FLIR’s MSX® technology that overlays outline detail from the visual camera over the thermal image, as well as alpha-blending that makes it possible to overlay thermal detail as a translucent layer over a visual image. Measurement tools such as movable spot meters and scalable regions of interest can be added to the live thermal feed or on captured images to extract temperature data. And a range of colour palettes allow developers to offer users a choice of settings to visualise different temperatures with various colour schemes. 

The SDK can be accessed at: 

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