ESAB Announces Renegade VOLT ES 200i Stick/TIG Battery-Powered Welding System

The ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i Stick/TIG battery-powered welding system, developed in conjunction with Stanley Black & Decker, is now available. Powered by four DEWALT FLEXVOLT 12 Ah (amp-hour) batteries, Renegade VOLT offers a Stick output of 10-130A and TIG output of 10-150A on battery power. With fully charged 12 Ah batteries and set to an output of 80A, the Renegade VOLT provides the power to weld with up to 33 (E6013) electrodes or TIG weld for up to 45 minutes on a single charge in standard operating conditions.

Renegade VOLT also connects to 120V/230V primary power and provides a maximum welding output of 200A when connected to 230V. Additionally, Renegade VOLT has an exclusive AMP + Hybrid Mode that supplements wall power with battery power to mitigate nuisance circuit breaker tripping.

“Renegade VOLT’s battery design offers four distinct benefits,” says Peter Burchfield, General Manager, Equipment Solutions at ESAB. “First, Renegade VOLT has three operating modes. It can run off battery, 120/230V AC primary power, or in AMP+ mode, which is a hybrid mode that prevents nuisance breaker tripping. This provides the operator with the ultimate flexibility of where and how they get their job done. Second, depleted batteries can be swapped for fresh batteries in seconds so users can continue working without interruption in the field. There is no need to wait for the batteries to re-charge. Third, contractors can use the same batteries that work with their other DEWALT FLEXVOLT-compatible hand tools. And fourth, the battery box detaches for easier transportation, mobility, and storage when moving around or convenience when connected to primary power.”

Renegade VOLT weighs 50 lbs. with the batteries and battery box and 22 lbs. with just the power source when the box is detached. A four-port fast charger (included) charges the 12 Ah batteries from zero to full charge in about 100 minutes. 

Renegade VOLT offers contractors the benefit of working in difficult-to-reach locations, locations without power, and applications where portability and quick set-up provide operational efficiencies. Renegade VOLT is also a more portable and affordable alternative to engine drives for off-the-grid welding. It eliminates many of the costs and hassles of engine drives, including fumes, fuel costs, noise, and the need to drag hundreds of feet of heavy and expensive welding cables or extension cords.


Renegade VOLT offers best-of-class arc performance to meet high expectations of welding professionals. It uses a next-generation current control module with built-in intelligence that can detect and clear a short circuit or manage current transients faster than the microprocessor controls used on other units. This creates a stable, more controllable weld pool while also minimizing spatter.

In Stick mode, Renegade VOLT features include adjustable Hot Start, which fine tunes the optimal energy during the arc starting sequence for improved strike performance and reduced sticking. An Adjustable Arc Force function enables the operator to adjust the arc characteristics so that they are crisper or softer, tailoring the arc for different electrodes, applications, and operator preferences. In TIG mode, Renegade VOLT provides Live-TIG for arc starts without high-frequency.

Users access all TIG and Stick functions from an easy-to-read color-coded graphical interface. Preferences can be stored in 10 different memory functions.

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