Bosch Power Tools Upgrades Orbit Sanders

Bosch Power Tools, a global leader for power tools and power tool accessories, today announced the newest entries to its line of random orbit sanders, the GEX33-5N, 5 In. Random Orbit Sander, replaces the 3725DEVS; GEX33-6N 6 In. Random Orbit Sander, replaces the 3727DEVS; and the GEX34-6N 6 In. Random Orbit Sander, replaces the ROS65VC-6.

Designed for professionals, the new orbit sanders are engineered for years of use. The sanders deliver superior performance for tough and fine sanding and polishing jobs. The rotation action coupled with side-to-side motion makes it ideal for achieving an extremely clean sanding and polishing finish with no swirl marks left behind. The orbit sanders’ microfilter dust system filters fine dust particles as small as a 1/2 micron in diameter.

To ensure a strong grip of the disc while in use, the sanders employ Bosch’s signature HookTight hook-and-loop disc attachment as well as an exclusive dual-bearing pad mount for less vibration. The sanders also come equipped with a variable-speed dial, which provides control from 4,500 to 12,000 orbits per minute (opm), empowering the user to match the speed of the sander to the task. 

The new sanders are exclusively compatible with Multi-hole backing pads. This is due to their ability to deliver better dust collection efficiency than the competition The Multi-hole microcellular backing pad is pliant to ensure a smooth, fine finish on both flat and contoured surfaces.

Advantages of the Multi-hole pad include:

  • Optimum dust collection with all brands of sandpaper — one pad fits all
  • Excellent dust efficiency decreases surface imperfections caused by excess debris
  • More than twice the sandpaper lifetime due to increased dust efficiency
  • For sanding disc accessories that specifically match the hole configuration of the sanders, click here.

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